12/26 WWE house show results from Madison Square Garden

Dec 27, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

By Mike Omansky

Return date announced:  Friday March 25, 2016

1.       NEVILLE W MIZ, red arrow and pin, in a fast-paced opener. **

2.       RYBACK W RUSEV (with Lana), shell shock and pin * ½.  Lana worked as a heel, back to the pro-Russia/anti-American stuff on the mike.  Good back and forth exchanges.

3.       CHARLOTTE (with Ric Flair) W PAIGE and BECKY LYNCH in a triple threat to retain the divas title. Finish:  Lynch had Paige in the arm bar, Charlotte leaped into ring from the apron, broke it up, and pinned Paige.  Flair was at ringside the whole time; interfered once – Paige had Charlotte pinned, pulled Charlotte’s legs under the ropes, then pointed it out to the ref. Adequate divas fare. *

4.       TITUS O’NEIL W STARDUST, crash of the titans and pin. Okay. *

5.       DEAN AMBROSE W KEVIN OWENS, dirty deeds and pin, in an excellent match.  Bout was non-stop action. Finish: Owens missed two pop up power bomb attempts, hit by dirty deeds on the second.  Crowd very into this match. ***

6.       R TRUTH W ADAM ROSE, pin.  Merciful finish:  Truth on mat seeming injured; Rose and ref checking on him; Truth leaps up with Little Jimmy and pin.  Bad match.  DUD

7.       BIG SHOW W MARK HENRY, knockout punch and pin.  Slower motion match, but kept the attention of the crowd most of the way.  Henry with some power moves.  ½*

8.       DUDLEY BOYZ & TOMMY DREAMER won a “tables match” from LUKE HARPER, ERIC ROWAN & STROHAMN by triple 3D through table on Harper for the win (pins didn’t count).  Good wrestling prior to the finish, but meaningless as pins and submissions didn’t count.  *

9.       JOHN CENA W ALBERTO DEL RIO, DQ., low blow, letting Alberto retain the U.S. title. This was an excellent match, albeit with limited offense by the returning Cena.

Del Rio completely dominated the first 10-12 minutes before Cena attempted a comeback and went through much of his repertoire. Del Rio again gained the upper hand, until Cena mounted a second comeback.

Cena went for the AA; ref was kicked out of the ring, and hence couldn’t count the pin.  Rusev ran in, kicked Cena, put Del Rio on top, and shoved ref back in.  Cena of course kicked out at 2. Rusev again attacked Cena, and Cena again kicked out of a pin.  Cena mounted a final offense, stopped by a Del Rio low blow for the DQ.

Post match: heels attacked Cena, who ducked a Del Rio chair shot that of course hit Rusev.  Cena cleaned house and his music hit.  Del Rio still U.S. champion.

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