Chris Jericho on What’s Currently Missing from WWE and How to Fix It‏

Dec 15, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Chris Jericho Y2J

via Danielle Lynn:

Yesterday on her SiriusXM show, Maria Menounos interviewed Chris Jericho about what’s missing from wrestling these days, why Raw ratings are down, and how to fix it:

“The product was kind of cleaned up to be more of a corporate-type of thing when Vince went public….You did lose a little bit of that maverick spirit.”

**Listen to the clip here:

**Chris Jericho on playing with rock legend Slash and members of Anthrax and Metallica:

Currently the co-Anchor of E! News, Maria Menounos has also traveled the globe as a journalist covering earthquakes and war, and has also interviewed every President since Bill Clinton. Menounos remains the youngest person to host Entertainment Tonight, which she did at age 22, and was the only person to star in a movie and report for network news. Besides starring in films and TV shows, Menounos is author to the New York Times best-selling ‘EveryGirl’s Guide’ lifestyle book series. Menounos and partner Keven Undergaro are also co-founders of the digital juggernaut AfterBuzz TV – the largest online broadcast network dedicated to producing recap ‘after-shows’ for your favorite TV shows – that boasts over 200 hosts and 23 million downloads per week.

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