12/4 WWE Superstars Report

Dec 12, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

by Matt Storm
WWE Superstars
Announcers: Rich Brennan & Byron Saxton

1. Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater

The battle between the former US Champion and One Man Band began with a lockup, Slater powering Ryder into the ropes. Pleased with himself, Slater opted to swivel in Ryder’s general direction and ate a well placed dropkick as a result. Ryder clamped on a side headlock and when Slater pushed him off into the ropes, he came charging back with a shoulder block. Ryder blocked a hip toss attempt and leveled Slater with a clothesline. Slater reversed an Irish whip and sent Ryder into the corner; he quickly followed in but Ryder caught him with a double knee strike under the chin. Ryder perched himself on the middle rope and came off, having to leapfrog Slater when he ducked whatever offense he had in mind. As soon as he landed, Slater drilled him with a flying knee. Not giving Ryder a second to recover, Slater placed a boot to the throat with him backed up on the ropes, then dropped an elbow for a nearfall. Slater then settled into a chinlock, grinding Ryder onto the canvas.

After several minutes, Ryder finally fought up to his feet and broke free with a jawbreaker, followed by a series of right hands, He went for an Irish whip only for Slater to reverse it a second time and catch him with a leaping sidekick for a nearfall. Slater worked over Ryder down in the corner with fists, then dropped him with a right hook allowing him to return to the chinlock from earlier. When it looked as if Ryder would again escape, he broke the hold to simply throw him to the mat.

Slater’s attempt of a suplex saw Ryder escape and catch him running in with a second double knee strike. Ryder connected with a middle rope dropkick. With Slater reeling, he went full comeback sequence, hitting his flying forearm in the corner and the Broski Boot for a nearfall. Slater rolled onto the apron and stunned Ryder with a forearm smash. Slater went for a rolling cradle but Ryder shrugged him off and delivered The Rough Ryder for the pinfall.

Winner: Zack Ryder

2. Bo Dallas vs. Neville

The rivalry that began all the way back at the first-ever NXT Live Special and raged on as recently as earlier in the year reignited in this feature contest.

After the opening bell, Neville went right to work and executed a go behind waistlock. Dallas quickly escaped with an elbow to the jaw and applied a side headlock. Neville pushed him off into the ropes but he came back with a shoulder block, then went back to the headlock. Neville again sent him into the ropes but this time avoided the rebound offense by dropping down, then leapfrogging Dallas. Dallas went for a boot, Neville blocked it and caught him with a leg sweep.

Neville delivered a head kick in the corner and followed up with a second one after sending Dallas into the adjacent corner. He then took Dallas back across the ring and rammed his head into the top turnbuckle. Neville scored a 1 count with a snapmare/dropkick to the back of the head combination. Returning to what was working before, Neville backed Dallas into the corner and lit him up with various kick combinations. Dallas reversed an Irish whip but Neville managed to use momentum to leap onto the middle rope and come off with a flying crossbody for a nearfall. Dallas attempted to slow things down with classic begging; Neville would not be persuaded and delivered stiff kicks to the chest, Dallas ducked another kick attempt and grabbed onto the back of the trunks to leverage Neville through the ropes onto the floor.

The action resumed after a commercial break as Dallas pounded away at Neville and applied a neck crank to bring Neville down onto the mat. Neville fought up but was smothered with knee strikes to the head; Dallas went back to the neck crank, this time forcing Neville’s shoulders onto the mat for a pair of nearfalls. Neville finally managed to fight up and flip Dallas off him only for the Inspirational one to rebound with a hard lariat for a nearfall. After stopping briefly to taunt the crowd, Dallas landed two elbow strikes to the side of Neville’s head.

Neville ducked a third attempt and rolled Dallas up for a good nearfall. He then tore into Dallas with his strong style kick sequence but as he came off the ropes looking for his sliding dropkick, Dallas turned him inside out with a clothesline, good for a nearfall. As visibly angry Dallas tossed Neville over the top rope but he managed to land on the apron; Dallsed charged forward, only to wind up on the floor when Neville pulled the top rope down. Neville hit a beautiful springboard moonsault off the middle rope. Both men returned to the ring at the count of 8. Neville leapfrogged Dallas from the top rope and took him down with a running enzuigiri. Moving quickly, Neville went up top and delivered the Red Arrow for the pinfall.

Winner: Neville

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