12/11 WWE Superstars Report

Dec 12, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

by Matt Storm
WWE Superstars
Announcers: Rich Brennan & Byron Saxton

1. Fandango vs. Adam Rose

I suppose you could call this the battle of guys who formerly had hot acts but have since been reduced to filler.

For the first time in awhile Rose came out to his old entrance music and unlike his recent appearance on NXT, he didn’t have it turned off to troll the crowd. Other than that though, he was still dressed the same and didn’t act like his former Party Boy persona in the least.

They locked up with Fandango forcing Rose back into the corner; Rose reversed the positions but missed a clothesline and was lit up with chops. Rose connected with a boot to the midsection and applied a side headlock. Fandango broke free by pushing him off into the ropes, Rose coming back with a shoulder block. Rose came back off the ropes, this time Fandango dropped down and executed a leapfrog, then scored a nearfall off a scoop powerslam. Fandango delivered another chop and sent Rose into the ropes; he went for a dropkick but crashed to the mat when Rose avoided it by hooking onto the ropes.

Rose dropped forearms smashes to the back and stomped Fandango down in the corner. He then fired him hard across the ring to the other corner; he followed up with a boot to the throat with WWE’s resident dancer backed up against the bottom rope. Fandango sought respite on the apron but unfortunately for him Rose swarmed him with a right hand. Rose delivered a suplex for 1 count before he settled into a chinlock. Fandango struggled but eventually returned to his feet and fired off right hands to the face only for Rose to snuff out his comeback with a knee strike.

Rose sent Fandango back into the corner but as he followed in, he was met with a back elbow. Fandango ducked a clothesline and went on the offense with jabs and a pair of clothesline of his own. He sent Rose into the ropes looking for a backdrop but Rose caught him with an Impaler DDT for a nearfall. After Rose argued with the referee over his count, Fandango nearly won with an inside cradle. With both men back to their feet, Fandango planted a boot to the midsection and hit the Falcon’s Arrow. That kept Rose down long enough for him to head up top to deliver The Last Dance for the pinfall.

Winner: Fandango

2. Bo Dallas vs. Darren Young

Dallas went into the match not only looking to avenge his loss to Neville the previous week, but his loss to Young’s PTP partner Titus O’Neil a few weeks ago.

The feature contest began with a lock up and Dallas pushing Young back into the corner. Just http://healthsavy.com that simple execution was cause for Dallas to break out into celebration. Dallas avoided a single leg takedown but not a side headlock takeover onto the mat. He fought up only to be trapped in an overhead wristlock that was converted into a hammerlock. Dallas threw an elbow to break free and got a 1 count off a rollup.

Once again Dallas saw this as a reason to drop to the floor and engage in his victory laps around the ring, Once he returned to it, Young rolled him up for a 1 count followed by a backslide for a nearfall. Young rocked Dallas with a roaring forearm smash, then went to the floor to mock Bo;s lap routine in an amusing fashion. Not amused, Dallas followed and went for a clothesline but Young ducked and dropped him with one of his own. Back in the ring,Mr. No Days Off continued the taunting by doing Bo’s thumbs up pose.

Back from a break, Young went to work on the right arm of Dallas. He grabbed the back of the head and forced him onto the canvas, dropping a leg across the arm. He maintained control with an armbar until Dallas ducked through the ropes and onto the floor for an escape. Young stood on the bottom rope to grab him by the hair but Dallas swept the leg and sent him crashing to the canvas. Dallas hurried back in to the ring to cover for a nearfall. A neckbreaker yielded another nearfall before he clamped on a chinlock. When Young started to stir, Dallas threw him down and covered for another nearfall.

Young fought out of a second chinlock and fired off shots to the gut but Dallas cut him off with a short-arm clothesline. Dallas then delivered three straight back suplexes, stopping each time to taunt the crowd. When he went for a fourth one, Young turned it into a crossbody for a nearfall. Dallas rushed Young only to be tossed through the ropes. At the count of 7, Dallas got back into the ring and tried to land a right hand; Yung blocked it and delivered several punches of his own. He sent Bo into the ropes and followed in closely with a stiff clothesline.

Young caught Dallas with an overhead release belly to belly suplex then tossed him over the top rope. When Dallas landed on the apron, he simply kept the offense going with a back suplex onto it. Young sent Dallas into the security wall, then fired him back into the ring. Young went for a slingshot sunset flip from the apron but Dallas sat down and cradled the legs for the pinfall victory, using the ropes for illegal leverage.

Winner: Bo Dallas

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