Holly Holm responds to allegations from Taz that fight was a work

Nov 21, 2015 - by Colin Vassallo

UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Holly Holm replied to the allegations that Taz put forward saying that her fight against Ronda Rousey was “a work” and that Rousey was in on it as she was departing the UFC for around six months to pursue other projects outside the world of mixed martial arts. Speaking on Larry King Now, Holm said, “No. No. No MMA fight especially in the UFC is ever going to be set up.” Holm added that there’s a reason why Dana White puts out performance of the night and knockout bonuses so it keeps fighters motivated. This past Monday on his CBS show, Taz said that the kick to the neck that Holm landed wasn’t enough to knock Rousey out while the following three ground and pound punches either missed or hit Rousey’s shoulder. The former ECW champion added that the referee wasn’t probably on it and not even Holm and the ref only stopped it as Rousey was not defending herself, in line with MMA rules. You can check out the full 20 minute interview here.

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