10/17/15 Ring of Honor TV Report

Oct 18, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

By Bob Farrell

From the Shrine Auditorium in San Antonio TX
Kevin Kelley & King Corino on Commentary

The Addiction ( “Almighty” Christopher Daniels ” The Heavy Metal Rebel” Frankie Kazarian with Chris Sabin) vs The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) Paul Turner is the referee

**Commentary mentions that neither team were ever pinned to lose the ROH tag team tiles.**
Sabin throws paper at Rhett Titus. Kazarian starts in on Kenny King. King fights backs. Sabin pulls Kings feet. King throws Kazarian to the floor on top of Sabin. Paul Turner sends Sabin to the back Titus hit an Atomic drop on Frankie and King hits a clothesline. Then they do the same thing to Daniels. Frankie tag in Daniels. ANX double team on Daniels. Titus has Daniels in a headlock. Titus gets a one count off of an elbow. Daniels is kicking Titus near the Addition’s corner as we go to commercial.

Promo: Jay Briscoe Tells Adam )Page that he is a green boy and welcome to the jungle. Brisoce says that Page is about to face the biggest bump in his road.

Daniels throws Kazarian onto Titus. Daniels puts his foot on Titus for a two count. Daniels starts elbowing Titus. Titus starts hitting Daniels in his mid-section and, he gets an eye poke for his trouble. Titus is in a reverse headlock on the ground. Tag to Kazarian who puts his boot to Titus’ neck Dailiness is tagged in. Kenny Kings gets tagged in. He clotheslines both members of the Addiction. King does an atomic drop to Kazarian and kicks him in the head. Daniels gets a kick to the head and a spine-buster. He gets a two count on Daniels. Tag to Titus King hits Daniels back on his knees then Titus jumps up and knees Daniels in his face. Frankie breaks up the pin fall on Daniels. King tries s to whip Kazarian and it gets reversed. The Addiction hits total elimination on King. Daniels holds Titus down while Kazarian hits a leg drop from the top rope onto the back of Rhett’s neck. Daniels gets a two count. Rhett avoids being double teamed again. King kicks Kazarian. Daniels clotheslines King. Titus and Daniels run into each others heads. All four men are down Turner gets to a five count. Kazarian and King are slugging it out on their knees. King hits a head and legs suplex on Kazarian.Titus kicks Daniels Daniels hits a choke slam. A person dressed like a member of the KRD lays across the top turnbuckle. Daniels chases the man in the red mask around the ring. Daniels enters the ring and gets drop kicked by Titus. Titus lifts Daniels up as if he was going to do a power bomb. King jumps over the ropes and hits a cutter on Daniels. Titus gets the three count on Daniels. Turner raises the Hands of Titus and King. We go to commercial.

Health Alert Hot Line commercial with Jay Lethal
ROH Live on Tour commercial

The Kingdom’s music hits and all four members come out.( Adam Cole Maria Kanellis and the ROH World Tag team Champions: Matt Taven and Michael Bennett)
We see a video replay of how The Kingdom won the Tag Team titles at All Star Extravaganza,
Bennett tells a story about “The Farmer and the Snake” The Farmer held the snake to get the snake warm and then the snake bit the farmer.The farmer asked ” Why did you bite me?” The snake replied, “Because I’m a snake !!”
We are snakes. Highlights are shown how Cole super kicked O’ Reilly during his title match with Jay Lethal. Taven talks about the forming of the Kingdom of of greatness. Greatness is shown with gold. We will not sleep until Cole gets the ROH World Championship Title back. Cole states that Kyle O’Reilly doesn’t bel;ong anywhere near the World Title. Cole states that he was the better member of Future Shock. He states that Nigel mentions all these contenders for the title but, Adam Cole is the only one who should have the Television and World Title. ReDragon comes out security and the refs keep them out of the ring. The Kingdom urges them to come in the ring. Bobby Fish grabs the mic and says ” We will get our tag titles back. Our first priority is to take you ( meaning The Kingdom.) out.” Cole says” I would love to see the two of you take on the three of us and, find out how truly tough you are.” Big Mike (Michael Elgin) comes out. Elgin cleans house. Elgin says that ReDragon has back up. Both Factions walk to the back with a sea of security and referees between them. We go to commercial.
ROHWrestling.com commercials are shown for DVDs, Video on Demand, and Dalton Castle’s t-shirt.

Inside ROH: ( with the “Exotic Goddess” Mandy Leon)
They show how Silas Young won “The Boys” at All Star Extravaganza from Dalton Castle. They show highlights from last week when Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser takes on The Boys ( The Tate Twins) in a tag match.
Next week :we will see Dalton Castle for the first time without “his boys”

Promo: Adam Cole. he wrestles A. J. Styles in two weeks. Cole states that ” Even though you have beaten me twice you are going to be facing a different Adam Cole. I take what I want when I want. You being the number one contender for the World Title puts a target on your back.The only thing “phenomenal” in our match will be me dropping you on your head.”
Commercial for Final Battle Friday 12/18/15 in Philadelphia Pa. and on I-Pay Per view.

Match: Adam Cole ( with B. J. Whitmore) vs Jay Briscoe in a No Disqualification. Todd Sinclair is your referee. Whitmore is a guest on commentary. They talk about Page’s injured shoulder. The crowd chant” Jay is gonna kill you” Page looks like he is going to adhere to ” The Code of Honor” and then he slaps Jay in the face. Briscoe starts to destroy Page and then clothes-lines him outside the ring. Jay goes for a dive and gets hit with a chair to the face. Page throws Briscoe into the barricade. Page gets a table from under the ring. Briscoe hits Adam with a chair. Page whips Briscoe into the barricade and then rolls him into the ring. Page tries to give a crutch to Page and then Mark Brisoce takes the crutch away. Whitmore tells Mark ” You can”t hit me. I’m an announcer. You’ll get fired.” Jay looks like h was going to do a death valley driver to Page onto a chair. Page fights his way out of it and, slams Briscoe’s head onto the chair and a ddt on the chair. page gets a two count and we go to a commercial break Page delivers a flying elbow to Jay for a two count. He slugs it out in the corner and whips Jay to the other corner. Jay moves out of the way as Page hits the corner on his messed up shoulder and Jay does a double stomp onto page . Page is driven through a table. Jay hits a neck breaker and a second neck breaker. Jay picks up a chair and puts it onto Page’s neck. Jay delivers a neck breaker. Jay brings a table into the ring. Jay headlocks Page in between the ropes. Jay sets up a table in the corner. Briscoe punches Page and put his on the take. Page moved and delivers a pump handle onto the table. Adam gets a two count. Page unwraps some of the wrapping from his shoulder and we go to commercial.

Page and Briscoe slugs into out on the apron. Briscoe goes for a “Jay driller’ on the time keepers table. Adam counters it with a back drop on the apron. Page does a shooting star press off the apron onto Jay. Page kicks Jay on the barricade. Page sets up another table on the floor. and rolls Jay back into the ring.. Page does a flip over the ropes an d gets hit by a sling shot lariat. Jay tries for a Jay driller off the apron onto a table. Page counters it and tries to go for the right of passage. Jay gets out of it and hits Adam with a chair.. Jay hits the Jay-driller through the table. The crowed chants ” You just killed him.” Jay rolls page into the ring for a two count. Page spits gum into Jays face.. Whitmore and Corino argue about Corino’s family.. Jay hits a clothes line and then then Jay a Jay driller for the win. Both men are down Corino and Whitmore continues to argue. Whitmore comes in and starts beating Briscoe with a crutch to the back. Corino leave the announce booth goes into the ring and takes his coat off. Steve Corino hits Whitmore three times in the face and puts his jacket back on. The fans start chanting “Corino ! Corino !” Steve gets out of the ring, hugs Kevin Kelly and walks towards the back.

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