Sting WWE Network Reminder, Stephanie McMahon and Sami Zayn on Dusty Rhodes, CM Punk – Drax

Oct 12, 2015 - by Marc Middleton

– As a reminder, a thirty-minute preview for WWE’s “Sting: Into The Light” DVD and Blu-ray will air on the WWE Network after tonight’s RAW. For those who missed it, below is a clip from the show:

– Below is new promotional material for Marvel’s “Drax” comic series, which is being written by former WWE Champion CM Punk. The first issue will be released on November 4th:

“Drax the Destroyer is the muscle for the Guardians of the Galaxy, but what does he do when he’s not adventuring through space with the Guardians? He lets his bloodthirsty quest for revenge take the pilot seat, of course! Determined to find and kill Thanos once and for all, Drax is ready to take on the universe. But when you’re tooling around the universe in a ship aptly named “The Space Sucker”, an unwavering desire for bloodshed isn’t enough to keep a mission from derailing. Drax crash lands into his wildest adventures ever, encountering foes no one will ever expect! The depths of space may not be big enough to contain this much grit, vengeance and all-out action!”

– Stephanie McMahon and Sami Zayn had this exchange on Twitter today when talking about the late Dusty Rhodes. It was reported a while back that the promo Sami referenced in his tweet got Dusty some heat with WWE officials as he went off-script. Below is their exchange:

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