Triple H Talks Sasha Banks vs. Bayley, Vince McMahon’s Reaction, Dusty Rhodes, Crews, More

Oct 7, 2015 - by Staff

– Triple H held a conference call this week to promote WWE NXT “Takeover: Respect” on the WWE Network. Below are highlights:

* He noted Bruno Sammartino is recovering from back surgery and doing well

* He talked about the NXT success in Brooklyn, the upcoming UK tour selling well and the success they had at the Louder Than Life festival this past weekend. He said “Takeover: Respect” was named to pay tribute to Dusty Rhodes. Also, to show respect to the women for being in the main event. He said Bayley and Sasha Banks will raise the bar

* He acknowledges NXT is more underground and edgier than the main roster but not much different from a performance standpoint. They are filling a niche with NXT but the main roster goal is to appeal to everyone

* They are hoping NXT will be more of a fully functioning third brand with more touring next year. He wants to tour more internationally and do more festival type events

* When asked about who has taken over for Dusty in running promo class, Triple H said Dusty is irreplaceable when it comes t that and promo work kind of split up among others right now – guests, internal employees and William Regal. He’s trying to find the right people to put into that role

* He’s open to working with others like The Great Muta or Jushin “Thunder” Liger again. He’s met with New Japan Pro Wrestling and is looking forward to seeing what happens

* He praised Natalya and Sara Del Rey for their roles with Sasha Banks and Bayley having a huge match in Brooklyn. He said that match was one of the greatest he’s ever seen and there will be many more

* Regarding Finn Balor doing the crotch chop at TNA headquarters, he thought it was funny. The bus company took the NXT talents to a good gym in town and it just happened to be near TNA’s offices. Balor actually sent the photo to Triple H and asked if he could tweet it out. Triple H said he didn’t care and anyone who minded takes it too seriously

* He said opportunities should be there for women to work Cell and steel cage matches. Regarding calling tonight’s main event an Iron Man or an Iron Woman match, he wanted Iron Man and Lita said she believed people may see Iron Woman as demeaning, so they went with Iron Man

* Triple H corrected a comment on Vince McMahon having the final say and being cold on women’s wrestling, as that’s not the case in NXT. He told Vince he was putting the women in the main event and Vince was fine with it. He acknowledged Vince has a different way of presenting women on the main roster but he lets Triple H book his product in NXT the way he wants. He said Vince was in Brooklyn for Takeover but just watched, which was hard for him to do because he likes to be hands-on. Vince enjoyed the show and told Triple H this week he can’t wait to see Bayley vs. Sasha again

* He’s looking forward to Asuka’s debut and said she will be great based on what he’s seen so far. He praised her charisma

* He called the Four Horsewomen “Curtain Call” in Brooklyn magic. Vince also loved it and thought it was a great touch.

* He said Gabe Sapolsky possibly working creative was new to him but EVOLVE could definitely be a feeder system, as we noted earlier today

* When asked about Apollo Crews being the first “black” WWE Champion, he praised Apollo Crews, the former Uhaa Nation and said he has everything it takes to be champion. He also said he doesn’t understand how people don’t get that Booker T and The Rock were already African American champions

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