10/3/15 ROH TV Recap

Oct 4, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring Of Honor 10/3/15

by Bob Farrell

Taped from the “Field Of Honor” show at MCU Park in New York in August 2015

Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino and Prince Nana are on commentary

Match 1: Time Splitters (Alex Shelly & Kushida * NJPW Junior Heavyweight Champ* ) vs Mark and Jay Briscoe (Multi time former ROH tag team champions)

The code of honor was observed.

Steve Corino talks about how Adam Page has been calling out Jay Briscoe Kushida catches Mark in a bulldog. Jay is tagged in Time Splitters double team Jay.

A ROH commercial that you can you can watch past events by ordering them on DVD or by watching them on video on demand on ROH wrestling.com as well. A commercial for Dalton Castle’s short airs

Back from the commercial, The Time Splitters make frequent tags and continue to double team Mark. Jay is tagged in and clothesline and Shelly. The Briscoes isolates Shelly and double team on Shelly. Shelly may have lost a tooth. Kushida is tagged in and goes after Jay’s left arm. Jay blocks a springboard. Jay gets knocked out of the ring. Mark tries some Redneck Kung Fu. Mark gets hit in the teeth. The Hoverboad lock is put on Mark. He breaks it. Jay gets stretched by Shelly and Kushida kicks Jay in the face. Tag to Mark. Jay is tagged in. There is a blocked Jay Driller. Shelly super kicks Mark, Jay hits the Jay-driller on Shelly for the win. the Time Splitters and Briscoes hug and observe the code of honor.

There is a commercial about where Ring Of Honor will be on the road. Also advertise that you can order the replay of Allstar Extravaganza

Back from Commercial: Kevin Kelley mentions that Jay Lethal held on to both of his titles

Kevin Kelly mention next week Jay Lethal will be defending the World Television Championship against Takaaki Wantanabe . They show how Wantanabe won a fatal four way on last week’s show to earn the title shot by pinning Cedrick Alexander. Moose was chasing after Veda Scott. This caused Takaaki to get some offense in. He hits the STO on Alexander and then pins him for the win

A commercial for ordering the replay of Allstar Extravaganza .

Inside ROH with “The Exotic goddess” Many Leon

There is a video package about Adam Page calling out Jay Briscoe. The next week Briscoe comes out and tells Page that “He doesn’t know who Page is.” Highlights of their match is shown. Colby Corino hits Jay with B J Whitmer’s crutch. Page throws a chair at Jays face. chair are thrown into the ring. Page hit a backwards pile drive with Jay’s head hitting a chair. Mark comes in and Page quickly leaves the ring.

Next week Adam Page vs Jay Briscoe in a “No Dq match”

A commercials airs for ROHwrestling.com

A commercial airs for where ROH is coming next

Back from commercial Nigel McGuiness replaces Prince Nana on commentary.

Match 2: Roderick Strong vs “The Rainmaker” Kazichika Okada (IWGP Heavyweight Champion)

They lock up Strong puts on a wrist lock. Okada gets out of it. Strong wristlocks Okada. Sting gets two elbows to the back. Okada hits a drop kick and then a variation of the abdominal stretch. Strong gets to the ropes. He throws Okada into the corner. Okada comes pout of the corner. Strong throws him to the ropes and then hits a drop kick. Roddy starts chopping Okada in the far corner. Strong hit a belly to back suplex then a cover. Okada kicks out at two. Roddy gets a kick in and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial. Roddy hits a suplex and then a headlock. Okada elbows him in the gut to get out and then gets a drop kick. There are a couple of chops in the corner Okada is set up on the top rope for a power slam. strong gets a two count then goes to a camel clutch. Okada gets to the ropes for a break. Strong throws him through the middle ropes onto the floor. sting starts chopping and duplexes Okada into the crowd . Todd Sinclair helps the Rainmaker back up. Roddy drops Okada across the railing on his neck. Strong goes into the ring. He starts kicking Okada as he enters the ring. Sting puts on a camel clutch . Okada gets out. Roddy attempts a back body drop but, Okada turns it into a neck breaker. Strong kicks Okada and hits a DDT Roddy try’s to run the ropes. Okada hit a face plant. Roddy kicks out of the pin at two. Sting hits some chops and a suplex. He gets a two count. He throws Okada into the corner. Okada picks Strong up and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Okada drop kicks Strong to the floor. We go to another commercial break. Okada goes out of the ring Strong throws Okada onto the ring apron. He brings Okada back into the ring for a two count. Strong tries another suplex throw. Okada catches strong and hits a running shoulder breaker. Both men are down for an eight count. They exchange chops. strong hits the Olympic Slam. He whips Okada into the corner then hits a running knee to Okada’s gut. Roddy tried to get a superplex and it blocked. Roddy drop kicks Okada ( who is still sitting on the top turnbuckle) in the face. Strong hits the superplex for a two count. Roddy turns it into the Stronghold ( Boston Crab). Okada gets his Hand on the bottom rope for the break. Strong hit a couple of running knees and then a sick kick for a 2 7/8 count. Okada hits a tombstone pile driver then a second one the the Raimaker (short arm clothesline and gets the three count.

Kevin Kelly mentions you can order the whole ” Field of Honor” show on DVD and VOD to see additional matches like Adam Cole vs Christopher Daniels, the rematch between War Machine and The Killer Elite Squad and, Red Dragon vs Lethal and Nakamura. On ROHwredtling.com

Next week

Television Championship match Jay Lethal ( the champion) vs Takaaki Watanabe . As well as all the fallout from Allstar Extravaganza.

They go to Strong and Okada observing the Code Of Honor

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