10/1/15 WWE Smackdown Recap

Oct 2, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


WWE Smackdown Results
October 1, 2015
Albany, New York
Report by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

We open the show with highlights from Monday Night RAW, focusing on Kane’s HR evaluation and Seth Rollins practically breaking his leg. Rollins claims that anyone who steps in the ring with him will get exactly what they deserve, that Kane got what he deserved…but the demon Kane made his way back to the ring, looking to destroy Rollins before the WWE Champion makes his escape! We then cut to the arena, where Rollins makes his way to the ring to address Kane. He says that Kane might be able to fool HR, but he can’t fool him. He calls Kane out, and Kane finally comes out to the stage on crutches. Rollins demands that Kane admit the truth, that he is the demon Kane. Kane says he was excited to come back to work as the Director of Operations, but Seth has been acting up and going so far as to injure him on Monday night. Seth says that Kane started things by coming after him at Night of Champions, and trying to drag him into Hell. Seth says that Kane must think he is stupid, but he is not. If Kane is serious, then he has split personality disorder and in need of psychological help. Kane says that Rollins is the one who needs help; he claims Kane can transform into a demon, but the only thing he transformed into is someone in need of medical assistance because of Seth’s steel chair. Kane and Rollins go back and forth about whether the demon is Kane, and Kane calls Rollins a “negative Nancy,” so he is going to put him in a six man tag match with the positivity of New Day. He puts them up against the Dudley Boyz and the Demon. Rollins refuses, unless Corporate Kane is willing to come to ringside. Kane thinks about it, and says “I wouldn’t miss it!”

Commentary discusses what just happened, as well as the upcoming Intercontinental Championship rematch between Kevin Owens and Ryback. Team Bella makes their way to the ring as we go to commercial.


We come back from commercial as Team B.A.D. comes out to the stage. Naomi speaks up, saying there’s been a lot of talk about who started the Divas Revolution. Sasha Banks asks if Tamina cares, if anyone cares who started the Revolution. Sasha says Paige can keep whining, Charlotte and Becky can keep crying, and Team Bella can keep yapping their mouth but Team B.A.D. will be the ones to END the Revolution!

Six Woman Tag Team Match
Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D.

The match starts with a shoving contest between Sasha and Brie, and Brie starts to get an edge over the former NXT Women’s Champion. Sasha comes back, tagging in Naomi who goes for the cover and a nearfall. Some more action before Brie tags in Alicia Fox, who gets some offense in before Tamina tags herself in. Alicia quickly tags in Nikki, who doesn’t look too pleased to be in the ring with Tamina. Nikki goes for some offense, but Tamina cuts her off with some hard hits before going to the top. Team Bella take Nikki out of the ring to stop Tamina, but Team B.A.D. gets the drop on them! It’s chaos on the outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, it’s Nikki and Naomi at it as Nikki looks to be in control. She tags in Alicia Fox, who goes to work on Naomi as the crowd chants “WE WANT SASHA.” The fans get their wish as Sasha comes in, showing Nikki what she’s made of until Nikki gets a surprise nearfall. The match breaks down into chaos until Nikki gets distracted by Tamina, before Sasha hits her with the Bank Statement! Brie and Alicia are stopped by Team B.A.D. as the former Divas Champion taps out!

Winner via submission: Team B.A.D.

We get a replay of the finish as Team B.A.D. celebrates in the ring. Commentary brings up that Bray Wyatt will call out Roman Reigns later tonight, and our main event of Seth Rollins and The New Day against the Dudley Boyz and the Demon, with Corporate Kane supposed to be at ringside. With this we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Seth Rollins is backstage as New Day shows up, chanting “Seth Rollins” to the beat of their “New Day Rocks” chant. They try to cheer Seth up, talking about he can be more positive and suggesting he chants “I’m The Man.” He’s reluctant, but eventually joins with them as they walk off. We see Kane just smiling as we go to JoJo with Becky Lynch and the Divas Champion, Charlotte. We go back to RAW, where Paige walked out on her partners and prevented Natalya from helping out. JoJo asks if Team PCB can get back on the same page. Becky starts to suggest what they need to do, but is cut off by Paige as the three of them begin arguing. Charlotte leaves Paige with an ultimatum: “you’re either with us, or against us.” She and Becky walk off, and Paige is confronted by Natalya, who tells Paige that if she disrespects her again, she’ll wish they’d never met.

We cut back to ringside, where Ryback is making his way to the ring as we go to commercial.


We come back from commercial as Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. We get ring introductions for challenger and champion.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Ryback

The match starts with Owens rolling out of the ring, but Ryback gets him back in. Owens quickly gets control of the match, before Ryback gets him with a scoop slam. Ryback blocks a suplex attempt by Owens and lands one of his own before taking him to the corner, ramming into him with his shoulder before the ref intervenes. He goes after Owens on the apron but is caught on the rope, and Owens is now back in the swing of things before being stopped by a Lou Thesz press. Ryback whips Owens into the corner and charges, but Owens gets out of the way and hits a DDT for a nearfall as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Owens is still in control until Ryback turns things around. They slug it out, until Owens drops Ryback with a clothesline and a running sexton for another nearfall. He puts a sleeper hold on Ryback, but Ryback powers out and goes for a neckbreaker, but Owens counters with one of his own for yet another nearfall. Owens goes back to work with another sleeper hold, as Ryback fights back once more. Owens mocks Ryback with a “feed me more” chant of his own, but Ryback stops him with a body slam! Ryback wills himself back into the match, hitting some hard blocks on Owens and a hard scoop slam for a nearfall! Owens battles back with some chops and a kick for a nearfall. He then surprises Owens with a spinebuster before hitting the Meat Hook. He goes for the Shell Shock, but Owens grabs the top rope and manages to get himself out of the ring. Owens follows, and they knock each other down as the ref begins the count. Ryback manages to get back into the ring before the 10 count, but Owens just smirks as he is counted out!

Winner via count out: Ryback
Still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kevin Owens

Commentary promotes the WWE 2K16 game before we go to commercial.


We come back from commercial to see a recap of the feud between Big Show and Brock Lesnar, from Survivor Series 2002 to their match at Royal Rumble this past year. We’re reminded of their match at the Madison Square Garden special this coming Saturday. Neville and Lucha Dragons make their entrance, and Stardust cuts an inset promo as Cosmic Wasteland make their entrance.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Neville & The Lucha Dragons vs. Cosmic Wasteland

Viktor and Sin Cara start things off, and Sin Cara quickly reverses things on Viktor before the big man tags in Stardust. Cara tags in Neville, and the two of them use some unique teamwork for Neville to get a nearfall. Viktor distracts Neville , allowing Stardust to get the upper hand. Cosmic Wasteland regroups outside the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Stardust is still in control but Neville is able to avoid him long enough to make the tag to Kalisto! Kalisto flies into action, hitting a flurry of offense on the Cosmic Wasteland and reversing Stardust into a DDT for a nearfall! Viktor gets involved, but gets dropkicked out of the ring by Sin Cara! Stardust gets tossed out, and Konnor looks to hurt Kalisto but it’s reversed into Solida del Sol for the win!

Winners via pinfall: Neville & The Lucha Dragons

They celebrate the win as we are reminded of what happened between Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns during their match on Monday night. Up next, Bray Wyatt looks to confront Roman Reigns!


We’re back from commercial as Bray Wyatt and his Family come out to the ring. Bray begins to speak, talking about the one on one war he and Roman went to, just so Bray could prove Roman is nothing more than a mortal man, and that Bray Wyatt is forever. This has opened up his eyes, because when he and Roman went into the battlefield, they created chaos together. He says simply “anyone but you, Roman” when Roman’s music cuts him off, as he makes his way through the crowd alone. Roman cautiously steps into the ring, and the Wyatt Family just stares him down as he goes face to face with Bray. The two men continue to stare each other own as Bray starts to speak, but Roman grabs the mic from him and gives Bray four haunting words: “Hell…in a Cell!” He drops the mic, and stares down the Eater of Worlds before leaving the ring. Bray shouts at Roman as the master of the Superman Punch walks away and up the ramp.

We’re reminded of the six man tag main event up next before going to commercial.


Back from commercial, Corporate Kane is sitting at ringside as Seth Rollins makes his entrance. Big E calls for Albany to “clap for your world famous two time Tag Team Champions, and FEEL THE POWAH!” as New Day make their way to the ring. After this, the Dudleys make their entrance. Kane’s music hits, but there is no sign of the Demon Kane.

Main Event: Six Man Tag Team Match
Seth Rollins & The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz & Demon Kane

Big E and D’Von start things off, and the match quickly turns into chaos with a standoff between both teams as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, New Day and Rollins are clearly in control, going to work on the Dudleys. We hit a turning point as Rollins dives into Kane, causing the big man to get hurt and brought to the back by medical staff. Seth tries to force Kane back to his seat, but Kane just gives a sly smile as he heads to the back. Meanwhile, the Dudleys are turning things around when Kane’s music hits and the Demon shows up! He tears into Rollins at ringside, but Rollins manages to avoid being chokeslammed and runs away through the crowd as the Dudleys hit a 3D on Kofi for the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Dudley Boyz & Demon Kane

Kane picks up the WWE Championship that Rollins left behind, staring at it before laying waste to the Dudleys and the New Day with chokeslams all around! He hits the Tombstone Piledriver on Big E, and Rollins looks on from the stage as Kane poses with Seth’s title to close the show.

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