Former superstar rants regarding WWE blocking talent from earning money

Sep 29, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE, WCW, and ECW superstar Big Vito Lograsso posted the following on his Facebook page:

Rant……. How can a company, you no longer work for, block you from selling merchandise with your name on it. If you have no merchandise on there website no contract what so ever,, have no shirts , action figures, nothing. You got to be kidding me. The almighty has spoken again. Don’t talk to Hogan, don’t say anything about murder, don’t say you have a concussion, don’t admit any I’ll feelings towards a company who would rather you die then speak your mind. I will put it out there, if you want to have a Dress Action figure, A Dress T shirt, please contact me and we’ll do business. I even have a lawyers letter from the company to use the Dress in TNA so it’s documented. When does it stop. Drop dead, no wait, you can still make us money. If you suffer from concussion syndrome and wrestled for the big developmental companies and the big boys, contact Bill Kyros . He can help you. His e mail is Steve Gerweck share this . My response to a certain company blocking people from earning money.

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