Judge denies request to unseal Hulk Hogan records

Sep 27, 2015 - by Colin Vassallo

Hulk Hogan’s court records will remain sealed after a Florida judge yesterday rejected the motion brought forward by a group of media outlets to make them public. The Associated Press and a group of other media companies filed a motion yesterday requesting all records in the current Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit become public. One of the tapes sealed was leaked to The National Enquirer who outed Hulk Hogan as a racist after
publishing a tape of Hogan saying a lot of racial remarks when he was being secretly taped having sex with Heather Clem, the ex-wife of one of his biggest friends Bubba “The Love Sponge.” The attorney representing the media companies said in a statement that it’s highly unusual for this much secrecy to surround a civil proceeding. After suffering several setbacks, Hogan finally won a round in court. He’s suing Gawker for $100 million for the leaked sex tape and the case will go to trial in the first quarter of 2016.

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