9/26 WWE house show results from Cleveland, OH

Sep 27, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

@heelziggler shows off his love for Kent State #WWECleveland

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* Neville vs. Stardust
– Eden said “introducing first” for both guys.
-Cody screamed “sit down!” At a big fat fan who walked through the front row with all his food.
– Neville wins with the 450 off the ropes.
– Cody sold the shit out of it while leaving.

* Lucha Dragons vs. the Ascension
– Dragons had the springboard entrance. Pretty cool actually.
– NXT chant to start.
– all the normal spots.
– Luchas with the top rope plancha.

* Promo with Wyatt and Strowman

* Jimmy Uso vs. Adam Rose
– Rose with the full negative gimmick. It’s pretty good. He walked down with no music, wearing nerd glasses, insisting the show needed to be shut down. “Let’s start single file to the exits please- in an orderly fashion…there will be no peanuts for anyone, the show’s over, you might as well leave”.
– Uso with a super kick, to the top rope, splash, good night. Rose never lost the glasses.

* Miz vs. Swagger
– Miz of course cut an “I used to be from Cleveland” promo: “if any kids out there have teachers who tell them to follow their dreams, don’t believe them…I brought twelve championships to this city and do I have a billboard outside the arena with my face on it???” (FYI: there’s a massive LeBron billboard right outside the front doors of the building).
– After Miz’s very sweet promo, swagger was a giant letdown. I suspect the crowd wanted Ziggler.
– Poor Swagger’s look is all over the place- he has the American flag entrance with the Real Americans music and serpent trunks and still does the “we the people” spot. A lot.
– Miz’s mom is in the front row and he warned swagger to stay away from her- swagger threw her his shirt and she played face.
– Miz played super over the top 80’s heel during the match with the begging for mercy, crotch shot, trying to leave the match.
– Dueling “Miz is awesome/awful” chant.
– Swagger wins with the ankle lock
– Miz tried to reach for his mom for help.

* Connor’s cure promo.

* Orton vs. Sheamus street fight
– my daughter and I went to get a Connor’s cure bracelet when it started.
– there were no streets harmed in this match.
– they used the ring steps and a small kendo stick.
– Orton wins with the…yeah.

* Intermission

* Naomi vs. Natalya
– Naomi with Tamina and Sasha.
– just to repeat, Sasha will be standing in the corner not wrestling.
– Natalya with the sharpshooter

* Rusev vs. Ziggler
– Rusev w/ Summer Rae
– Ziggler introduced from Cleveland, Ohio (pop of the night). Kent State shirt and Ohio trunks.
– my daughter just made a pretty impressive observation for a nine year old: “there’s different arenas everywhere but it’s the same match. Weird”
– Ziggler with the zig zag, huge pop.

* Reigns and Ambrose vs. Strowman and Wyatt.
– reigns through the crowd.
– face off with reigns and Strowman.
– Ambrose and reigns win to cap off the all-face-victory night.

– Natalya and Swagger are just lost in the shuffle.
– If they actually give Rose a chance his gimmick is awesome.
– Ziggler and Miz got the biggest pop/heat with the Cleveland stuff.

credit: Jon W. & 411mania.com

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