Chris Jericho Hits Big Podcast Milestone, Fozzy Plans, Jericho on Rock and Wrestling Fans

Sep 26, 2015 - by Marc Middleton

– Chris Jericho recently did a Q&A with and revealed that his band Fozzy will go back into the studio after touring in Europe and the UK this November and December. After that, they’re looking to have their next album written by January. Jericho also commented on why he thinks there is such a correlation between rock and wrestling fans:

“It seems like rock ‘n’ roll and wrestling are almost for misfits in a way, you’re not an outcast but it’s not the norm like a football fan or pop music fan or EDM that’s kind of what the cool kids do. To be a rock fan and a metal fan you got to make a choice, same thing with wrestling. It’s almost like a secret society so if you’re a part of it, it never goes away. If you’re a metal fan and you meet someone else from across the world who likes heavy metal then suddenly you have something in common.

They’re both highly intense forms of entertainment, very dependent on the audience, very aggressive and electric. When you’re performing live that reaction you get from the audience enhances the show whether I’m doing a Fozzy show or whether I’m doing a WWE show. If you have a good crowd then it makes it that much better. There’s a lot of similarities between the two but like I said it’s almost like a gang, if you like heavy metal or rock ‘n’ roll, you’re in a gang because it’s you against the world in a lot of ways. There’s more and more festivals and tours, that’s how bands are making their money but more and more people are coming out to shows to support their favorite bands.”

– Speaking of Jericho, he just announced that his “Talk Is Jericho” podcast has reached 100,000,000 downloads on PodcastOne. Jericho has done 180 episodes in 22 months and says the best is yet to come. He posted the following on Instagram:

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