9/18 WWE house show results from Montreal, Quebec

Sep 19, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Live

Credit: Anthony McParland

Triple H video to hype up the crowd.

Eden is your ring announcer.

*Neville vs. Stardust – Cody chants. Crowd really into Neville. Solid match. Neville wins with a 450 rather than the Red Arrow.

* Natalya introduced as special guest referee for PCB vs. Team B.A.D. B.A.D. work over Becky Lynch. Charlotte gets the hot tag and hits Natural Selection for the win. Paige kisses Natalya as the PCB celebrates. PCB leaves. Sasha gets in Natalya’s face and Natalya shoves her. Naomi and Tamina beat on Natalya. She fights them off and B.A.D. retreats. Natalya salutes the crowd.

WWE 2K16 commercial with Stone Cold.

* Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev. Ziggler has a Montreal Canadiens jersey on with this name and the number 69 on it. Huge pop. There are “We want Lana” chants. Ziggler responds, “I want Lana too.” A few minutes into the match, Rusev tries walking out. Ziggler runs after him and brings him back to the ring. Lots of good nearfalls. “This is awesome” chant. Summer hits Ziggler with her shoe. The referee ejects her. Ziggler hits the Zigzag for the win.

Connor’s Cure video.

* Triple Threat tag tile match – Primetime Players vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day (no trombone). I couldn’t tell if the crowd was chanting New Day rocks or sucks. Lots of people were into New Day. Dudleys hit the Wassup Headbutt and yell, “Get the tables!” Big E and Xavier stop Devon outside. Xavier puts the table back. Dudleys go for 3D. Xavier distracts and Kofi rolls up Bubba for the pin. New Day beat on the Dudley and bring in the table. The Dudleys fight back and put Xavier through to the table with the 3D.

Stone Cold Podcast commercial.

* Champion vs Champion match – Ryback vs. Seth Rollins. Seth gets on the mic and braga that he’s what a real champion looks like. He teases throwing his shirt into the crowd then throws it into the corner of the ring. Ryback brags that he’s what a champion looks like. The crowd boos and chants “Goldberg.” Ryback goes for Shellshock and Seth gets out of the ring and rings the bell. He gets a chair and beats Ryback with it. Ryback wins by DQ. Seth declares himself WWE U.S. and World Heavyweight champion. He runs down Ryback on the mic and tries to hit him with a chair. Seth misses and Ryback nails him with Shellshock.


* Miz vs. R-Truth. Miz cuts a promo in French and tells everyone to shut up. During the match, R-Truth does a little dance. Miz grabs the mic and claims to be a better dancer. He starts to do an Irish jig dance and R-Truth hits Little Jimmy out of nowhere for the win.

Pat Patterson comes out as guest Ring Announcer.

* Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro – Owens comes out in a Montreal Canadians themed KO shirt. Monster ovation. Great back and forth match. Owens wins with a second pop up powerbomb. Owens cuts a promo in French saluting the crowd and declaring he will win the IC Title at WWE Night of Champions.

Night of Champions commercial. Lots of people are taking out their cellphones in anticipation for the Wyatts.

* Main Event: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. There is a referee bump then Roman hits the Superman punch. The lights go out and Braun Strowman is in the ring. He and Roman face off. Braun takes him out and places Bray on Roman. Dean fights back against Braun. Dean and Roman double shoulder tackle Braun out. More back and forth. Roman and Dean hit the Doomsday Device then Dean hits Dirty Deeds for the win. They salute the crowd to end the show.

Not a very big crowd but very live. Only the bottom section of the arena was open and even the top rows of that we’re tarped off. Still a very fun show though.

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