Former WWE superstar offers his take on the report claiming WWE wants talent to steer clear of Hogan

Sep 17, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE superstar Big Vito Lograsso commented on his Facebook:

THIS YOU GOTTA READ……. I rarely comment on WWE. But this takes the cake. This comes with just shaking your head and saying WTF. There are plenty of things going on in that tiny universe. I say this because it is not World News like Donald Trump. The Lawsuit, other issues, but the Hulk Hogan thing , just irks the hell out of me. WWE posted a memo and you can read it on Wrestlezone, that all employees and people associated with the company, cease contact with Hulk Hogan. You mean to tell me that now, they are telling you who to be friends with, who they allow you to talk to , if you associate with him, I guess you will get the your Fired line. Since when did work and being friends with someone go into your personal life ? I have been friends with many who are not liked and people over the years, but to tell a grown man or women who they can talk to ? Are you kidding me. Wrestling people, is a dirty behind the scenes business. Don’t ask me, but ask all who have lived on the road and worked for the Major companies. I for one, never followed someones lead or was told who to be friends with. When guys were made fun of, I was one who stood up for them to be accepted. Thats truth. So for saying N……., you get this. For all former guys and gals who worked for the company if you want future phone calls, don’t talk to so and so. We don’t pay you, but follow our rules. I have said this and its true, in the great 4 walls of the WWE, certain people think there gods. Put them on the same street as you and see how tough they are or better yet, see how they react in ‪#‎REALLIFE‬. For all those agents who messed with peoples lives, for all those office people who tell you what to do and are nasty SOBs. Come out and play.I would love for some of them to pull this on the street in there neighborhood. This just doesn’t go for Hulk, but for alot of guys who have tasted there venum. Your telling adults who they can talk to. This is my opinion. This is not a bashing. You can steal money, not pay royalties, jerk you on house show money, not book you on the road because of xyz, short you on PPV payoffs, deal with racism, politics, if your not buddy buddy with the guys in charge get screwed, say your a private contractor but your not an employee of the WWE, Say your a employee of the WWE but your a private contractor, if your a private contractor then how come there is a Wellness Policy for former WWE employees, where if you go, they embarrass the hell out of you, have people who work for the company, do certain videos to help hide whats really going on or whats Hot News, say there is a College Program but you have to take out the loan and if your picked at the end of the semester, they will pay for your schooling, and best, for guys who have Concussion Syndrome who worked all those years there and they never helped. Funny, if your a private contractor, and you get hurt on the job, aren’t you entitled to Workmans Comp., Not when you work for the WWE there not. But its a Federal Law. I had to say this for all of you to realize, its an ugly place, even when you work there. The stress alone will kill most. I have some of my boys on FB who are Legends and HOFs, if you ask them, they will tell you. I have come to realize my love of the sport has gone. It used to be my life, My second love to basketball. I did it all in Wrestling, proud of it. Would not change it. The people, the places, the great times, the achievements. My career is a success. I stand by my word and my b….. You have to have that all the way around. All the greats taught me, BUT THERE LESSONS ARE NOT CARRIED ON. I for one can say this, but I never did, I am old school. I am sad for what has become. Used to be ok, now times have changed. Never let no one tell you what to do in life, I think you tell kids, be friends with everyone, have a happy life, But not if you work for WWE, they tell you what to do, even off the clock. My thoughts. Just for good measure, Hulk, this one is for you. IF YOU SUFFERED FROM CONCUSSIONS WHILE WORKING FOR THE WWE AND WHILE IN DEVELOPMENTAL , PLEASE CONTACT BILL KYROS AT KON@KYROSLAW.COM. JOIN THE LAWSUIT AND BE HEARD. TELL HIM I SENT YOU.BY THE WAY, LOOK FOR US ON 20/20 COMING OUT SOON. Now I will start my day. Have a good one.

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