9/5 Global Force Wrestling results from Clinton, IA

Sep 6, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


* DJ Z vs. Sonjay Dutt: Decent match, Sonday kept threatening DJ Z’s hair and headphones. Sonjay got the win.

* Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the special guest (extremely nice guy) and came out to talk to the crowd. Daivari came out and stole his 2 x 4 to set up an angle for later.

* Kevin Mathews vs. Mark Sterling: Matt Bentley was also announced so the match was a surprise triple threat. Bentley got double teamed most of the time. Bentley gets the win with sweet chin music on Mathews.

* ODB vs. Mickie James: ODB gets the win. Ok match but nothing noteworthy.

* Chris Mordetzky vs. Nick Aldis (Magnus) : There was supposed to be a master lock challenge first but the ref rang the bell to start the match and Mordetzky was not happy. Back and forth match with no master locks sadly. Aldis got the win with an elbow off the top rope.

* Zero Gravity vs. The New Heavenly Bodies: NHB got the win after a lot of botched moves. Zero Gravity was amazing and hit some great double team high risk moves.

* Colt Cabana vs. Ariya Daivari: Colt worked the crowd well and when Daivari was preying with his rug, Colt decided to join in and prey on his towel. The ref got bumped and Duggan came out to reclaim his 2 x 4. Two 2 x 4 hits and a splash from Cabana finished the match.

* Afterwards Jarrett and Duggan posed in the ring and took pictures with fans. Over all a good show even though there were plenty of seats left over. GFW has room to grow but they are trying to entertain the fans.

Credit: Tyler Gibler

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