8/30 WWE house show results from Tallahassee, FL

Aug 30, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

by Charles Parker

– Good house for the show. Eden Styles was the host and ring announcer

WWE I-C Ryback def. Big Show

Standard big guy match though for some reason Ryback is using chops in his offense. Ryback kicked out of both the Chokeslam and the WMD, He hit the Shellshock (barely) for the pin. Show got a lot of applause and polite cheers after the match. I kept thinking of the interview he did with Jericho recently. Show went to the top once and got slammed off it (though in truth Show just rolled into the ring on his own mostly).

Bo Dallas came out and told everyone he would be victorious because he ‘bo-lieved’ in himself but we would not be because we didn’t bolieve. This led to Cesaro’s music hitting.

Cesaro def. Bo Dallas

Cesaro came out wearing that Cesaro/Kidd shirt oddly. Dallas bailed out of the ring early and often to start. Eventually they started wrestling, Bo’s gut is noticeable from the side. Cesaro’s comeback included hitting corner to corner running European-style uppercuts. Got the Giant Swing on his second try then hit the Neutralizer for the pin.

Natayla def. Emma

Emma wearing her heel attire reveals a lot more skin which is odd for a heel. Natayla got the first surprise pop since no one expected her and not as many people recognized her. She still her had full body suit. Emma throws the worst punches this side of Nikki Bella. Mostly mat-wrestling aside from Emma’s cross-body in the corner. Nattie eventually gets the sharpshooter for the submission.

Luke Harper comes out and takes the mic. Says that Bray will destroy Reigns and the Wyatt family is back and stronger then ever. Proclaims himself the new face of desolation/destruction and to send someone out but not anyone they (in the back) wanted to see again.

Chris Jericho def. Luke Harper

Jericho got by far the loudest surprise pop the night. No one knew he was coming despite being advertised apparently. He came out with his light-up jacket and highly be-dazzled trunks. Good match though Jericho used John Cena level punches on the ten punches in a corner routine. Harper got out of the Lion Tamer twice, first by leg twist, second by making the ropes. Jericho eventually it the Code-breaker for the Pin.

Randy Orton def. Sheamus

Sheamus got mostly boos but Orton got the loudest reaction of the night that was overwhelmingly positive. Standard match between the two at this point, Orton using ‘Sheamus 10 Beats to the Belfry’. Sheamus eventually got the mic and stood over Orton while the latter was on his hands and knees, berating him and saying he ‘looked stupid’. You can guess how that worked out.

– Intermission: Warrior/Conner tribute video.

Neville def. Stardust

No one really knew who Neville was but they definitely wanted to see the Red Arrow. ‘Cody Rhodes’ chants. Stardust spat water from a water bottle to get the early advantage while the ref was turned away. Neville at one point did the same to him. Neville hit a running dive over the ropes onto Cody on the outside. Neville eventually hits the Red Arrow for the pin.

R-Truth def. Heath Slater

Truth’s music hit and all the kids went down to sing with him, he barely made the ring before Slater attacked. Someone behind me, called Slater ‘Finn Balor’. throughout this, saying he hated him. Slater got the mic and said we were going to see the quickest match in WWE history. He then ate an Axe kick and was pinned.

Lucha Dragons def. Los Matadors with Torito

Both teams cheered a lot though the Dragons were louder. Matadors did subtle heel stuff including bullying Torito to establish themselves. At one point Torito got in the ring and did a go behind sequence with Kalisto. Finish saw the car crash spot outside involve Kalisto and a Matador, Torito got in the ring and tried to hit a frankensteiner from the top rope on Sin Cara who ducked and Torito took out one of his teammates. Sin Cara hit a senton for the pin.

Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt in a street fight

This match was billed as a street fight. A street fight that started with a collar and elbow tie-up by both men. Reigns has a stunning array of punches which was pretty much all he did except his drop kick on the apron and a powerbomb through a table Wyatt set-up. Finish saw Luke Harper get involved and take a Superman KO punch then the lights went out and Braun was in the ring again.

Roman hit with two punches that Braun no sold and he was hoisted in the air to be choked out. This led to Truth running out and getting choked out instead. Followed by Neville and he got slammed as well. Finally Ryback made his way out and he hit Braun with a meathook clothlesline that staggered him enough for a Superman Punch from Reigns to knock him out of the ring. Reigns then Speared Wyatt for the pinfall.

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