Two fans who filmed the MSG curtain call in 1996 meet the Kliq

Aug 29, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

The two fans who shot the infamous curtain call at Madison Square Garden 19 years ago on May 19, 1996, came up face to two of those involved and got swerved by Triple H. Jason Cosmoses and Mani Mohtadi were only 17 years old at the time when they captured a piece of history, the only footage known to be available of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels embracing at the end of a non-televised live event at MSG which also happened to be Hall and Nash’s final appearance with the company. While getting interviewed by WWE.COM backstage at a Raw, Triple H came up from behind to meet the two fans along with Scott Hall and X-Pac, who while part of the Kliq, was not part of that particular incident. Triple H explained to Cosmoses and Mohtadi that at the beginning of each show they run a disclaimer saying that they can’t record footage and their right to prosecute anyone to the fullest extent of the law. HHH then invited two NYPD officers who put the two fans in cuffs and escorted them out. “Bootlegging is a crime,” Triple H said as they walked backstage in cuffs. After walking to the other end of the hallway, Triple H burst out laughing and called them back. “We have brand new WWE underwear,” he joked, as he shook hands with the two, well with one of them as the other one was left in cuffs! “I know its against the law and all that, but thanks for doing it and being part of our history,” Triple H said. Hall added that because of them a lot of fans around the world got to enjoy that moment.

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