8/29 WWE house show results from Orlando, FL

Aug 29, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Kevin Owens appeared on the big screen to say he’ll make light work of Dean Ambrose. Jojo performed the national anthem to applause. Triple H appeared on the big screen to ask “are you ready?”

1. Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens. Ambrose entered to a huge pop. Owens out to a lot of heat and some cheers. There were “let’s go Ambrose” and “Fight Owens Fight” chants. An absolutely beautiful back and forth match that NEEDS to see the light of day. Ambrose won with Dirty Deeds .

The Miz came out to a mixed reaction for Miz TV. He introduced Jimmy Uso, but Adam rose came out instead to heat. Uso walked out behind Rose and mocked him. Uso superkicked Rose and continued to upstage to Miz TV. Miz advertised a match between Uso and Baron Corbin from NXT for the show. Uso was confident, and recalled dancing with father Rikishi in the WWE ring. Miz said he’s the best dancer in WWE and challenged Uso to the first Miz TV dance off. Uso did a very convincing Michael Jackson dance to Billie Jean and then did the worm. Miz broke out into a hilarious River Dance and claimed this is dancing. Uso superkicked Miz and left, then Corbin attacked Uso in the ring.

2. Jimmy Uso defeated Baron Corbin. The match started? The ref called for the bell. Corbin led the match off of the attack. An US-so chant broke out. Uso picked up the win with a super kick and frogsplash.

Rusev appeared on the screen and claimed he will crush Dolph Ziggler.

3. Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch beat Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Tamina. There were cheers for both teams. The light up boots that Naomi wears are pretty cool. There were boos for Tamina when she led the match against Charlotte. With Team Bad leading the match, the crowd rallied behind Becky. The crowd leaned toward PCB while Team Bad controlled. Charlotte put a Figure 8 on Tamina for the tap out win.

An Ultimate Warrior vignette aired and included the Warrior Award being presented to Connor the Crusher Michalek. Text CHILDREN to 90999 to make a $5 donation to help crush pediatric cancer.

4. Dolph Ziggler (w/Lana) beat Rusev (w/Summer Rae) in a No DQ match. There was a large USA chant
and a huge pop for Ziggler’s music. Ziggler came out with Lana, who wore the jacket from the ’80s. There was another large USA chant and a small “we want Lana” chant. Rusev controlled most of match and smashed a popcorn container on Ziggler’s head. Ziggler hit a nasty DDT and started to mount a comeback. Ziggler hit a Fameasser and Rusev kicked out. Rusev hit a flying headbut and thought he he won. Ziggler applied a sleeper. Summer entered the ring and attmepted to hit Ziggler with high heel shoe. Lana intercepted to a nice pop and Ziggler super kicked Rusev for the win.

The Royal Rumble at Amway Center password was announced as ORLANDO16.

5. Jack Swagger defeated Tyler Breeze. Breeze was introduced and took a few selfies and mocked the crowd. Swagger came out to a small pop. Swagger gained the lead and mocked Breeze by laying on the top rope, where he took a selfie with the selfie stick. Swagger applied the Patriot Lock and Breeze tapped quickly. A pretty flat match, not a lot of interest.

6. Big E and Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston) beat The Prime Time Players to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. There was a New Day sucks chant when they were introduced. The Players were out to a small pop and everyone did the Millions of Dollars dance. Sadly, no trombone from Xavier this time. Titus is great at working the crowd. He pounded Big E to the New Day sucks chant. New Day have really captured something great, people love to hate them. Darren Young and Big E crashed to the floor after some chaos. Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise on Titus while the ref wasn’t looking for Xavier to steal the win.

An advertisement was shown for Sting at Night of Champions.

7. John Cena beat Seth Rollins by DQ in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship and U.S. Championship match. Rollins came out to tons of heat, and Cena was out to a huge pop. Cena easily had the largeest pop while Rollins had the most heat. The place was electric. Rollins did a cheap attack on Cena while being introduced. Rollins took the mic and announced the match would be for both titles and yelled at timekeeper to ring the bell. A fun back and forth match. There were “Lets go Rollins” and “Rollins sucks” chants. He controlled most of the match. Rollins performed a frogsplash that was turned into a rolling reverse AA from Cena. Rollins landed on his feet and superkicked for a two count. Rollins teased a Pedigree, but Cena reversed and hit a wicked clothesline. Rollins grabbed a chair from the outside but the ref stopped him from using it. Cena went for an AA, but Rollins escaped and low blowed Cena for the DQ. Cena performed and AA on Rollins after the match to send the crowd home happy. He also hyped up the Royal Rumble coming back to Orlando.

Credit: Sean Wragg and prowrestling.net

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