Virgil Says he “had sex with like 10 girls” the night before SummerSlam ’91 match against Ted DiBiase‏

Aug 24, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Alfred Boima Konuwa III

The latest episode of the PodNasty Wrestling Podcast features a review of SummerSlam in addition to an NSFW interview with former WWE Superstar and manager Virgil.

Virgil was unable to conduct the interview over the phone, so he provided them via email and they were read aloud during the podcast. Please find video and the transcript, via his manager Jian Magen, below. In them, he shares some interesting stories of the night before SummerSlam ’91, where he won the Million Dollar Championship, and reveals his favorite WWE Diva:

PodNasty – The SummerSlam Episode – YouTube
Alfred reviews SummerSlam and reads an explosive transcript from his NSFW interview with former WWE Superstar and manager Virgil. See transcript below: What …
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What is F–k Money? f==k money is that money that you f**k with. Money you wipe your ass with. I want to sleep with every Asian in the world and have their father tuck me into bed for fun. that is f**k money. I live for f**k money. one life to live and one life to f**k

Does it come with interest? Hell no. when you got f–k money nothing else matters

Tell me how social media has allowed you to connect with a whole new fanbase

I am the greatest black man on the planet. I am the black steve jobs.they now know I aint one to play with. I aint lonely. I am the hottest ticket out there. I am ready to get my s–t moving and grooving to get my dream of f**k money to be real

Do you feel like Twitter has raised your profile and helped you with bookings?

I should be headlining wrestlemania. I am the the manager of champions. I am ready to rock and roll son

The WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view is just days away. A huge career highlight for you came at SummerSlam when you won the Million Dollar Championship. Talk about your memories of SummerSlam.

I had sex with like 10 girls the night before summerslam.. it got me ready to focus and crush Ted. I made it and I was the million dollar champ. I still am.

Are you excited for this year’s SummerSlam card?

Yes. Why not. Vince got his sh*t together. He knows what to do. buy my t shirt

Which match are you looking forward to the most?

Brock Taker- I have a better record at mania (2-0) than Take. He isn’t mad but he knows it and it may have bothered him. I still love him though

Do you think you could contribute to the current product? If so, how?

ALWAYS. I have been on top for 8 years Plus NOW run. You cant take that away from me. I am always ready to get paid to help

You tweet live during Raw, many times about the Divas, who is your favorite WWE Diva right now?

Sasha banks… mmm mmmm mmm. buy my t shirt

You recently came to the defense of Hulk Hogan for the racially-charged comments he made. What was your relationship like with Hogan?

Hulk is a good man. He never did anything to me. I don’t condone racism but I know the Hulk I know is a good man that went to hospitals to talk to kids and always had GOOD on his mind

Black wrestlers always seem to be pigeonholed into a stereotype in WWE, especially when you were an active competitor in WWF. Do you think Hogan’s comments are a product of the environment he came from?

Not sure what your talking about. I am the greatest black man on earth

Did you ever feel uncomfortable in that environment? (i.e. told to do something you felt uncomfortable with)

HELL NO other than my 14 inches making people think I was king f—–g kong

When you were with WWE, were there any black people in power backstage who wrestlers took direction from? Writers, executives, etc?
Don’t remember but buy my t shirt

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