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Aug 21, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

jay lethal

Our buddy John Pollock sent it:

Jay Lethal was a guest this week on The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling to promote the ROH shows in Philadelphia on Friday night and Field of Honor on Saturday. The full interview is available at http://fightnetwork.com/news/58972:interview-jay-lethal-on-roh-title-win-60-min-match-tna/.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

Winning the ROH title as the highlight of his career:

I’m not married – I don’t have any kids. So it literally was the greatest night of my life & what really topped it off was at the end of the the match once we were off air I was giving a little speech as most champions did after winning the championship. I looked over & my dad was so happy he was crying. My dad had been there from the very first day of practice – the start of training. He sat in the back of what is now actually a liquor store. He sat in the back of the bingo hall from the very first day – some days he had to take off work. And for about 5 years after that he would go to every single show that I had whether it be a 5-minute car ride or a 15-hour car ride. He was the #1 guy – he was there all the time – he has my biggest fan. My whole family’s supportive but there would be some shows where only my Dad went. He was just so touched to be there to see me have that moment, especially since he saw me from the beginning & he also saw Ring of Honor from the beginning as well. Along with myself he saw each champion crowned & he saw all of their title defenses & all they’ve gone through & the progression of RIng of Honor. It was really a touching moment for me & my dad.

Departure from TNA and returning to ROH:

My departure from TNA… I will say – up until that point – I had been very lucky. God I’ve been very lucky in the wrestling business – especially up until that point. I got to wrestle Kurt Angle & Ric Flair. Man – I had done so much in the wrestling business up until then. When I was in RIng of Honor I was the Pure Champion. And then when I won the Pure Championship I went to Japan for the first time. Actually being let go from any company – it just so happened to be TNA at the time – was my first taste of doing something wrong, my first taste of disappointment or first taste of failure in the wrestling business & it was a bit crushing to me. Luckily though that didn’t last long because throughout wrestling you make some really great friends. I was good friends with the Young Bucks who were doing RIng of Honor also at the time & it was an easy transition to get back into RIng of Honor especially since the timing couldn’t have been better. Throughout my career timing has been everything. When I came back to Ring of Honor they were just being bought by Sinclair Broadcasting Group. I have had so much luck. All of my success in the wrestling business I attribute it to being very lucky & being in the right place at the right time. Don’t get me wrong – being a great wrestler or a good wrestler is important but just as important is being in the right place at the right time & being downright lucky for me has helped tremendously.

The recent 60:00 match with Roderick Strong:

It wasn’t in the plans for very long at least I don’t think so. The Ring of Honor writer & booker Hunter Johnston – he likes to keep us on our toes, you’re not given too much information although some of us beg for the information. He keeps it close to his chest – or the vest as they say. So as far as I knew this wasn’t in the plans for very long, it was a new idea. There’s no prep for something like that. When I go to the gym I love using the elliptical because it’s low-impact on the knees. But living here in Tampa, Florida there’s so many trails & it’s beautiful weather & a couple days I said “instead of doing the elliptical I’m actually gonna run on some of these trails” & I can do an hour on the elliptical like it’s no problem – I’ve gone over an hour. But running – like legit running – I couldn’t last as long as I could on the elliptical & that’s because there’s no real substitute other than actually doing something. There’s no real preparing for an Iron Man match other than just having them over & over again. Like Ric Flair is the master of them because he’s had so many – he has no problems bragging about how many 60-minute matches he’s had.

Competition between ROH and NXT and if that competition exists in the locker room:

The vibe in the locker room is the same as it’s been since day one – just hungry guys trying to prove that Ring of Honor is a great wrestling company. I think we do that every time. Is it a coincidence that we’re going head-to-head with them? I don’t think so. I will say – & I don’t speak for the whole locker room when I say this – I think it’s kind of cool. You said it’s a great night for wrestling – I’m gonna say it’s a great time for professional wrestling. So much wrestling is available right now – it’s amazing. It’s a great honor to even be going head-to-head & be recognized as maybe this is someone we want to be going head-to-head with. It’s a great time to be the Ring of Honor Undisputed Champion – I feel like I won the lottery. (Transcribed by Joseph Bernard)

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