8/21 WWE house show results from Bridgeport, CT

Aug 21, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Paul Crockett & PWInsider

Due to traffic coming from Boston, I missed the first match. I believe it was Nikki Bella over Sasha Banks with Nattie as the guest referee, but I’ll try and find out.

The crowd here in Bridgeport isn’t that big, but they are white hot right now.

Chris Jericho defeated King Barrett. Jericho cut off Barrett’s soliloquy in the ring and made an entrance to a thunderous ovation. They had a very good back and forth match which saw Jericho win with the Codebreaker.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev. The majority of the match saw Rusev getting the heat on Ziggler. Dolph made a comeback when Summer Rae got on the apron. Lana came around a pulled her off which allowed Dolph to hit a superkick and the Zig-Zag for the win.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper. There was ZERO booing for Reigns here in Bridgeport. In fact, Wyatt & Harper spent most of the match getting the heat on Ambrose. When Dean finally got the hot tag, you would have thought Roman was Ricky Morton in 1986 Greensboro the way the crowd went nuts. The match broke down until Roman scored the pin on Harper with the spear. A very fun, well-constructed tag team match that made the crowd very happy.

Prime Time Players defeated The New Day and Lucha Dragons to retain the WWE World Tag Team Titles. I feel like Jim Ross calling the opening 4-team tag at the Tokyo Dome trying to keep up with all of the action going on in this match, so I’ll just sum this one up. The match broke down late and the New Day sent Lucha Dragons out. That left Titus with Kofi with the big man getting the win with his sit out power bomb for the win.

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus. This was a match full of stalling to get Sheamus more heel heat for a more satisfying finish. There was a point where Sheamus wanted to shake hands, which lead to Orton trying for an RKO but Sheamus got away They went back and forth but it was Randall K. Orton finishing off Sheamus with an RKO for the win.

John Cena & Cesaro d. Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens. This was a very pro-Cena crowd considering all of the kids that were in attendance. Early on, the crowd was on Rollins so he got on the mic and ran everyone down, telling them they need to respect him because he is the World Champion and soon to be United States Champion. Good action from all four men. The finish saw Owens get knocked out of the ring. After that, Cesaro with a very, VERY long Giant Swing. He then stopped it and slingshotted Rollins onto Cena’s shoulders for the AA and the win.

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