Owens cuts epic promo on NXT crowd for being hypocritical

Aug 20, 2015 - by Colin Vassallo

Kevin Owens cut an epic promo on the Full Sail crowd on the NXT show that aired last night on the WWE Network. As Owens was hyping the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn show for this Saturday and his main event match against Finn Balor, fans started to boo and chanting “Brooklyn sucks.” Owens was caught a bit by surprise and decided to unload on the fans. “Do you know how disgusting that is what you just did right now? Do you realize how hypocritical you are being?” Owens asked. He then mentioned how the fans chant for him unless he’s laying a finger on Sami Zayn, or when someone
mentions the name Cena they boo but when he mentions that he beat John Cena, they cheer for him. “You are the John Cena of wrestling fans,” Owens told the crowd as they booed even more. “Nothing genuine comes out of your mouth, ever.” He then said that all of them claim that they love NXT and want everyone in NXT to succeed but, “when we talk about NXT selling out a 13,000 seat arena, you boo. You boo.” Owens then made fun of the crowd saying that they boo because it’s not theirs anymore and “because you’re not going to get to see it live,” at Full Sail University. Takeover:
Brooklyn is the first ever NXT WWE Network special to be taped outside Full Sail. He then told everyone in the audience that that is why he feels “sick to his damn stomach” whenever he has to come to Full Sail University because he knows he’s performing in front of a group of “ungrateful, undeserving pieces of trash.”

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