Sean Waltman calls Chyna’s actions at Piper’s funeral “Pathetic”

Aug 13, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE Diva Chyna is in the news yet again, and once again it is not about her doing a good thing. As you have heard, WWE has pretty much blackballed Chyna from the WWE. She will not get a job with them and will not get a mention by WWE for any random project she is working on. Chyna has been ticked at Triple H for years after he dumped her and ended up with Stephanie McMahon. The Game and Billion Dollar Princess have been married for a while now and have children. Both are executives in the company and will take over the WWE whenever Stephanie’s father Vince McMahon retires.

Chyna being the patron saint that she is decided to accuse Triple H of rape among other things. Sean Waltman, known to WWE fans as X-Pac, has come out against Chyna whenever she made these bogus comments and was able to tell the world about yet another stupid decision Chyna made. Chyna pretty much crashed “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s funeral over the weekend and bum-rushed Triple H. There she told him she was sorry for everything.

This is what X-Pac said on the situation in a serious of tweets….

“She may have met him a few times & you’re exactly right.She bum rushed Hunter & said ‘Sorry for Everthing!” Pathetic

I wasnt going to mention Chyna crashing Roddy’s funeral, but I guess ppl already know. “Sorry for everything”? I thought she was the victim.

She was very close to being taken down by security, whether she knows it or not, after the threats & lies she’s told about him.”

Despite the clear lies Chyna has told about Triple H, WWE has not chosen to sue Chyna over defamation. Instead everyone who knows of Chyna knows that she needs to get help to get past everything. WWE has cleared up any misconceptions, and Triple H commented on the matter somewhat. However, WWE has not chosen to go after Chyna in any way legally as of yet.

WWE has chosen not to take any phone calls from Chyna or meet with her. Most believe that Chyna has screwed herself over and she finally realizes that. She has spoken about Triple H, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and WWE in negative ways over the years on multiple occasions. Even before she got into porn movies, WWE was never going to take her back. Her drug history alone was a red flag.

At the end of the day, she cannot let things go. The fact that Chyna crashed a funeral in hopes of helping her relationship with Triple H and WWE shows how far gone she is at this point.

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