WWE NXT Results 8/12/15 (Bayley vs. Becky Lynch)

Aug 12, 2015 - by Atlee Greene

– WWE NXT Results 8/12/15 (Bayley vs. Becky Lynch) | Full Sail University | Winter Park, FL

General Manager William Regal says that Kevin Owens has demanded that his title rematch at Takeover should be a ladder match. Regal says he can’t give in to the demands otherwise he is validating Owens’ claims that the GM can’t be trusted.

Regal says he spoke to Finn Balor and says that the champion will take the match under any circumstances since this will be the biggest main event in NXT history. Regal makes the ladder stipulation official and wish both of them the best of luck.


– Solomon Crowe vs. Tye Dillinger

Crowe is going by the moniker “NXT’s resident little monster” while Dillinger is now “The perfect 10.” The bell rings and both men exchange headlocks and snapmares. Dillinger cartwheels out of an Irish whip and celebrates by calling it a “10.”

Crowe hits a running hurricanrana, charges into the corner, but Dillinger gets his foot up. Dillinger measures Crowe for a single stomp to the head, backs off and calls it a ten.

Dillinger drops his left knee pad grabs Crowe, but is met with  two clotheslines, a twist of fate and a running knee in the corner. Crowe grabs Dillinger leg, but gets pushed out of the ring.

Crowe gets back in the ring, but Dillinger grabs him and falls backwards while pulling Corwe’s face into his exposed knee and win.

Winner: Tye Dillinger


Backstage: Mojo Rawley finds Zack Ryder. Ryder asks Rawley to stop calling him at 3:00 am. Ryder asks why Rawley is in his ring gear even though they are not wrestling. Mojo says he always stays ready and claimed he got 10, no, 12 chicks at the club with Ryder seriously doubting him.


– Baron Corbin vs. Axel Tischer

Corbin makes this one quick. Clothesline in the corner followed by the End of Days sends Tischer back to Dresden, Germany.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Post-Match: Corbin is not impressed with his opponent. He calls himself the real deal and states that no one gets up from the End of Days. Corbin goes to inflict more punishment on Tischer until Steve Cutler breaks it up, only to receive the End of Days for good measure.

Corbin reiterates his claim about no one getting up from the End of Days, adding that it doesn’t matter who it is. The music hits and out comes Samoa Joe to the delight of the Full Sail crowd. Joe says he is impressed with Corbin’s path of destruction, but it won’t happen to him.

The Lone Wolf says he can do it to anyone, including Joe. Joe dares him to try it right now. Corbin says they can do it, but not now because he just fought two opponents. Corbin sucker punches Joe and works him over with punches and boots.

Joe slips the End of Days and chokes him out with the Coquina Clutch. Corbin is passed out in the middle of the ring. Joe grabs his white towel and walks up the ramp while admiring his handy work.


A video montage of Bull Dempsey working out in the performance with the caption “Iron Sharpens Iron.”


Backstage: Tyler Breeze says that Jushin “Thunder” Liger being his opponent at Takeover is very fitting because took out Hideo Itami and will do the same to Liger and that his win will help make him “The face of the rising sun.”


– Finn Balor vs. Marcus Louis (non-title)

Balor takes control early with some fast chain wrestling. Louis cracks Balor with an elbow out of the corner and spikes him with a rock bottom of sorts.

Balor comes back with some chops and followed up with a sling blade. Balor hits the shotgun dropkick, climbs to the top and hit the Coup de Grace for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor


Post-Match: Balor is celebrating his victory and Kevin Owens blindsides him on the ramp. Owens tried to power bomb Balor on the ring apron, but Balor escapes and connects with a shotgun dropkick that sends Owens through the guardrail.

Balor throws Owens in the ring, charges in, but Owens catches him with a power bomb. Owens grabs the NXT title belt, stands over Balor and mocks him with his own pose.


Backstage: Greg Hamilton interviews the Vaudevillians and asks about interference from Alexa Bliss as they face Black and Murphy at Takeover. Aiden English says they have a plan that will take of Bliss. Bliss walks in, mocks their plan to neutralize her, slaps both of them, and leaves.


A video was shown hyping the NXT debut of Apollo Crews at Takeover Brooklyn. This dude looks impressive and I can’t wait to see what he can bring to the table.


“We like it loud” by Sleeping Sirens is the official song of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.


Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin is made official for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.


Sasha Banks made her way to the commentary table so she could observe her potential opponents at Takeover.


– Becky Lynch vs. Bayley: #1 Contender’s Match

Both ladies exchange wrist locks until Bayley sweeps Lynch down for a quick one count. Bayley hits a running elbow the back of Lynch, goes for the cover, but Lynch bridges out of it. Lynch hits two deep arm drags and wrenches the arm to gain maintain control.

Bayley comes back with a splash in the corner and follows it up with a bulldog. Lynch comes back with a hammer lock vertical suplex and works over Bayley’s arm in the corner. Bayley tries to fight back, but Lynch traps Bayley’s arm with her legs, and continuously works over the arm.

Bayley’s arm locked up until she breaks free and unloads with back elbows and clotheslines. Bayley reverses a pump handle slam attempt and rolls up Lynch for a two count. A backslide from Bayley also gets a two count.

They both remain tied up in the backslide position until they get to their feet. Lynch slips out and hits a picture perfect pump handle suplex for a close near fall. Lynch connects with two running leg drops, but misses the third one.

Bayley hits a running clothesline while Lynch was in the seated position. Bayley lands a back elbow off the second rope and shakes out her left arm. Lynch drills Bayley with a well-placed kick to the face. Lynch climbs to the top, but Bayley cuts her off and power slams her out of the corner.

Lynch slips out of a bodyslam attempt, takes Bayley down and applies the Disarmer. The move took place too close to the ropes as Lynch was forced to break the hold. Lynch goes for another pump handle suplex, but Bayley reverses it and hits a vertical suplex.

“This is wrestling” emanates from the Full Sail crowd as Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly. Lynch blocks it, grabs the arm and fights with all her might to get Bayley to the ground for the Disarmer. Bayley pivots under Lynch’s legs and rolls her up for the three count.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley is the new #1 contender and will wrestle Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s title at Takeover: Brooklyn. Bayley celebrates while Banks stands up on the commentary table and holds her belt up high.

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