AAA TripleMania 23 Results – Mexico City, Mexico (Rey Mysterio vs. Myzteziz)

Aug 9, 2015 - by Atlee Greene

AAA TripleMania 23 Results | Arena Ciudad | Mexico City, Mexico

Commentators: Matt Striker and Hugo Savinovich


1. Dinastia, Pimpinela Escarlata, Goya Kong & Drago defeated Mini Psycho Clown, Mamba, Sexy Star  & Daga.

2. Los Villianos III, IV & V defeated The Psycho Clown Circus (This was the farewell match of Villiano III)

3. AAA Trios Title Steel Cage Match w/ the belts hanging above the ring: Los Hell Brothers (Averno, Cibernetico & Chessman) defeated Jack Evans, Angelico, Fenix and Pentagon Jr., El Hijo Del Fantasma, El Taxeno Jr to retain the titles when Averno grabbed the belt for the win.

4. Blue Demon Jr. & La Parka defeated Electro Shock & El Mesias when Demon made Electro submit to the sharpshooter. Demon was awarded a plaque after the match honoring his years of service in AAA.

Hector Garza and  Perro Aguyao. Jr were inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame

5. Hair vs. Hair: Alberto El Patron made Brian Cage submit with the arm bar

6. Rey Mysterio forced Myzteziz to tap out with the La Mistica which is Myzteziz’s finisher


Post Match: Pentagon, Joe Lider and Averno ran out and attacked Myzteziz. Rey didn’t see it at first because he was celebrating his win with Marisela Pena who was sitting in the front row. Rey made the save as they went for Myzteziz’s mask, and they triple teamed him in the corner.

Myzteziz got up and helped Rey as they cleaned house and did several 619. Averno and company ran off, and Myzteziz went for a dive through the ropes onto Averno, but missed as his feet got caught in the ropes. Rey grabbed the microphone, but Myzteziz blew some type of white mist in his face.

Myzteziz insulted the audience, turned full fledged heel, and challenged Rey to a rematch where anything goes and with no referee. He then said he wanted to embarrass Rey, demanded a mask vs. mask match and proceeded to power bomb him through a table.

Myzteziz proceeded to military press Rey and drop him down for a codebreaker. Konnan came to the ring while Myzteziz assaulted Rey. Konnan invited Myzteziz to join La Sociedad, the same group that just tried to beat down Myzteziz and shot him with a staple gun.


Notes: The sound kept cutting in and out throughout the majority of the broadcast and there was an annoying buzzing sound that kept coming in and out as well. The picture was shaky and full of static during the trios cage match and the Blue Demon tag match.

Matt Striker deserves a lot of credit for trying to make the commentary salvageable. It took a long time for the production truck to get Hugo Savinovich’s microphone working again. The production woes were finally fixed during at the start of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Hugo Savinovich kept trying to translate everything word for word instead of just calling the action and relaying the chain of events. It was frustrating to listen to because he couldn’t translate fast enough and often gave up half way through.


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