8/1 WWE house show results from Hidalgo, TX

Aug 2, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

By Rick Velazquez

A ten bell salute to honor the passing of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper started the show off.

Matches kicked off with a Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match: Los Matadores vs The Ascension vs Lucha Dragons.

Crowd was hot for both Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores. The Ascension cut a promo before the match saying, “Hidalgo, welcome to The Wasteland”. Overall, the match was fun. Los Matadores were eliminated by Konnor. After that, the rest of match was a slow build for Sin Cara to make the tag to Kalisto. Kalisto & Sin Cara hit their finishers on Victor for the win.

Next up was Jack Swagger vs Luke Harper. This match was surprisingly good. Crowd loved Swagger, chanting along “We The People!” and constant U-S-A chants. Match went back and forth with Swagger attempting the Patriot Lock several times. Finally, Swagger tried locking it in but Harper shoved him off and hit his Discus Clothesline for the win.

Axel and Sandow vs the newly formed team of Adam Rose & Brad Maddox followed. Maddox & Rose wore matching gear and were doing push-ups and sit-ups in the ring. Rose cut a promo saying that they were in better shape than everyone there and that he and Maddox were BFFs. They proceeded to hug. Their gear said ‘Beef Mode’, so that might indicate they’re a legitimate team now. Axel was still wearing his black shorts. Axel & Sandow picked up the victory after a decent comedic match.

After this, Emma teamed up with Natalya to face Cameron and Dana Brooke. Natalya got one of the loudest reactions of the night. Dana Brooke actually got pretty loud boos from the crowd. Dana Brooke wasn’t in the ring too much, it was mostly Cameron.  Natalya & Emma picked up the win after Cameron tapped out to the Sharpshooter.

Heath Slater came out to a modified theme that references to a One Man Band and not Three Man Band as it said before. He cut a promo naming other Texas cities such as: Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. The crowd booed very loudly. He had a match with Fandango who got a decent reaction. This was a very short match. Slater kept jumping from the inside of the ring to the apron and would stretch his leg on the rope. This went on a few times until he finally tripped on the rope and Fandango pinned him for the win.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus was up next. Sheamus got a very loud reaction, but it was topped by the loudest reaction of the night for Randy Orton. Matched kicked off and after a few minutes, Sheamus grabbed his briefcase, told everyone to “kiss his arse” and started walking away. Orton chased after him and they went on to have a good match. After a missed Brogue Kick, Orton hit the RKO for the win.

After this, it was Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt. Many people had their phones out for Wyatt. Reigns got a huge reaction. This was a good match, with back and forth action. Both men tried hitting their finishers a few times. Ultimately, Reigns beat Wyatt with the Spear but Wyatt beat on Reigns after the match.

Finally, the main event was Rollins vs Ambrose. Rollins got massive boos, and Ambrose got a huge reaction. This was the match of the night. It had a lot of action using weapons and also had a good mix of comedy in it.

Rollins Powerbombed Ambrose through a table, then Wyatt interfered and hit Sister Abigail to set up the win. Rollins & Wyatt began double teaming Ambrose until Reigns came out to help Ambrose. Reigns and Ambrose celebrated to close the show. 

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