Vince McMahon takes a shot at Hulk Hogan

Jul 30, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

During the earnings conference call earlier today, one of the callers
asked Vince McMahon about Hulk Hogan, who last week was fired from WWE for racial rants which were shot on a sex tape video eight years ago but
released just now by The National Enquirer. The caller did not mention
Hogan by name but went the diplomatic way saying that there was a lot of
noise in the media about severing ties with this long-term legendary
marketing talent. “I mean there was a recent situation with Hulk Hogan
who’s no longer with the organization and that doesn’t have any material
effect,” McMahon said. “So again we were keen on individuals who can
actually compete in the ring and derive benefit from that.” Wow! While
Hogan got the Chris Benoit treatment on the WWE.COM website, searching for his name on the WWE Network still returns all the results, unlike for
Benoit, which returns just one result.

(Thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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