7/29/15 Ring of Honor TV Recap

Jul 29, 2015 - by staff

by Chris Smith

First match is “The Kingdom” against two local jobbers match starts off with a double super kick by Bennett and Taven. Both men are sent to the outside where Bennett and Taven begin to work them over. Rather quick match. Finish is the tandem piledriver. Winners “The Kingdom”.

Six Man Mayhem
Caprice Coleman v.s “Brutal” Bob Evans v.s “The Last Real Man” Silas Young v.s Cheeseburger v.s Moose w/ Stokley Hathaway v.s Dalton Castle.
Match starts with Castle and Moose. Moose tags in Evans and Castle tags in Cheeseburger, which causes Evans to tag out to Young. Lock up by both men, Young with the early advantage. Cheesburger on the offensive. Young tosses Burger to the outside, quick tag in by Coleman who goes for a quick pin on Young.Young goes back on the offensive, dropkick by Coleman.

Commercial Break

Back from break with a big splash in the corner from Moose on Young. Coleman with a hurricarana to Young. Castle with a dropkick to Young. Young begins to dominate Castle Tag out to Evans tie up by both men. Evans tags back out to Young as both men begin to work on Castle in the corner. Match breaks down as all men begin to brawl with Moose getting the win after a spear on Evans

In ring promo by BJ Whitmer and the decade. Whitmer is talking about how as of the the ROH crowd and locker room has been witnessing the heart and bravery of Colby Corino and how proud of him. Whitmer talks about how he looks at Colby as a son and King Corino is livid.. whitmer has a gift for Colby, a gauntlet match against 4 ROH hopefuls. King Corino gets in the ring and the refs stop the fight.

Main Event

ACH v.s Bobby Fish

ACH is out first followed by Bobby Fish. We go to tale of the tape, Fish with a slight experience advantage. Tie up in the center of the ring with Fish forcing the break in the corner. Fish gets ACH on the ground in a leg lock, ACH gets out and has Fish in a wrist lock. Stand off in the center of the ring, Headlock takedown by ACH, shoulder tackle by Fish. Chops in the corner by ACH. Qucik cover by ACh but only two. Outside dive missed by ACH as we head to commercial break.

Commercial Break.

Back from break with Fish in control, ACH fighting back. Fish gets blurred out for some gesture to the fans. Strikes back and forth by both men. ACH with a running apron kick to Fish and an outside corkscrew moonsault by ACH to Fish. Tweaks his leg on the move. ACH goes up top, misses the 450, cover by Fish only two. Fish with the “fish hook”. ACH breaks the hold. ACH goes up again but it stopped by Fish. Top rope falcon arrow by Bobby Fish for the win.

Next weeks main event is Adam Cole v.s Kyle O’Reilly

See ya next week!

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