7/25 WWE house show results from Los Angeles, CA

Jul 26, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

By Mike Hall

1. New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E w/ Kofi Kingston) vs Prime Time Players

New day went for cheap heat before the match, saying that the the Clippers sucked, the Lakers sucked, but LA stayed positive. They also sang a falsetto version of Queen’s “We are the champions,” which was ludicruosly comical and roundly booed for being awful, but it was hilarious. Prime Time Players sprinted out to interrupt. Basic tag match, crowd was really into Titus. Woods was pinned by O’Neil after clash of the titus. Afterwards, Big E rolled himself along the floor from the entire length from the ring, up the ramp to the curtain. PTP win in 10 minutes on the nose. Decent stuff.

2. Miz vs Fandango

After some brief early exchanges, Miz gets on the mic and says he’s an amazing dancer and was understudy to Michael Flatley. He then proceeds to Riverdance. Fandango takes him out. Miz gets the heat most of the way. Fandango makes a comeback, Miz cuts him off with a thumb to the eye and pins him with a skullcrushing finale in 8’45. Afterwards, Miz goes on a rant about being a great actor and the toughest guy in the building and says he’s a better actor than Joe Mangienello, who’s in attendance. Big Show comes out and knocks Miz out.

3. Adam Rose and Brad Maddox vs Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow

Axel and Sandow are back to looking super generic. Maddox gets on the mic before the match and addresses the crowd as San Diego for the cheap heat. He then says the crowd look overweight and unfit, like they all came from San Diego. The match is punctuated by Maddox and Rose doing jumping jacks and push ups during quiet moments. Eventually Axel pinned Rose with his facelock DDT thing in 6’34.

4. Luke Harper vs Jimmy Uso

Not a lot to this one. Uso hit a running dive on Harper towards the end. Harper pinned him after a discus clothesline in 8’22.

5. Sheamus vs Randy Orton

Sheamus did a lot of stalling early, sliding out of the ring about 4 separate times during the early exchanges. Crowd were super pissed. Randy eventually collared him and got him in the ring. Sheamus took control for a while until they went back and forth towards the end. Orton won with the RKO in 17’07.


6. Naomi and Sasha Banks w/Tamina vs Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella

Standard stuff, Nikki was really over. Nikki pinned Naomi after the Rack Attack in about 11’00.

7. Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro

Kofi brought Big E and Xavier Woods with him. Cesaro got a decent reaction. Big E and Woods were ejected from ringside during the match. Cesaro submitted Kofi after a 35 rep giant swing into the sharpshooter in 12’58. Crowd loved it.

8. John Cena vs Kevin Owens – street fight.

Less than traditional house show crowd, about 80% cheering Cena and 20% cheering Owens. Fairly similar to their recent matches but with a few chair shots exchanged. Owens went through a table balanced between the outside corner of the ring and the guard rail. Owens kicked out of an AA. Cena kicked out of a pop up powerbomb. Cena eventually got the win with an AA through a table in the ring in 27’38.

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