Magnus calls TNA “Premature and Immature” for taking title off him, Talks Disdain for Mickie James Angle‏

Jul 21, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Alfred Boima Konuwa III submitted:

Former TNA Heavyweight champion and GFW star Magnus appeared on the PodNasty Wrestling Podcast to talk about a rocky end to his TNA run and his future with GFW. Please find the link below. The interview starts at around the 23 minute mark:

Not having fun toward the end of his TNA run and working with Jeff Jarrett in GFW

“No, absolutely not (I wasn’t having fun in TNA). Some of that’s to do with them, and some of that’s to do with me,” said Magnus.

“Nobody owes you a good time or anything like that, but due to a number of different things I wasn’t having fun there anymore and I just like to work for Jeff (Jarrett) again.
I think Jeff is a great boss, a great wrestling guy and he’s got a lot of great experience in the business.”

On dropping the TNA Heavyweight Championship:

“I thought it was premature and immature,” said Magnus.

“To me, I don’t think that decision was just based completely on business. What’s done is done, you know, they made their bed,they’re lying in it and when it comes with what they’re left with now, you get what you pay for.”

On not liking the Mickie James Train Track angle:

“The only person who did like it was the person who wrote it. He had the final say on it, we all suggested alternatives, we all thought it was not going to work and it was not going to get a reaction, and our disregard for it and that was the result of it. That was one of the reasons where we just kind of said ‘okay, it’s maybe time to wrap this thing up.'”

Magnus also talked about WWE NXT scooping up big names on the independent wrestling scene, TNA turmoil, his fitness book entitled “The Superstar Body,” and much more.

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