Jeff Jarrett talks about the creation of Global Force Wrestling

Jul 20, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

jeff jarrett

From Joseph “Silent J” Stojek:

Jeff Jarrett was a guest on the Military Press Wrestling Podcast recently hyping Global Force Wrestling.

MPW- What gave you the idea and the push to create Global Force Wrestling.

Jarrett- You know theres no secret I’ve been in this business and my families been in this business since the 40’s, I’m a 3rd generation promoter. It’s sort of what we do and when I closed that chapter of my life with TNA I sat back and sort of looked at the landscape and really believed there is a real opportunity, just as the name states in Global Force there are so many styles of wrestling around the world and thriving promotions such as New Japan the hottest promotion in my opinion in the world right now and AAA there very very hot right now and various independent organizations in Europe and South Africa and Australia and all points in between I just think theirs a real time and a real opportunity here to come in and create a situation that gives you multiple styles of wrestling under one banner and the fans can come out and different fan bases with all the technology of social media that you can swap stories and somebody halfway around the world can watch a grand slam event via periscope. Its a small world these days cause were all connected through technology I really believe strongly there’s a real opportunity.

MPW- Do you have any real excitement of some of the younger talent as a fan that are coming through GFW. Is there anybody in particular that has caught your eye.

Jarrett- Theres a whole lot. Theres the kids out of Western Canada called the Bollywood Boys they have not really been exposed on a global scene and their going to have a real opportunity. They’re a fresh young team that’s extremely talented. I could go down the list. Were in discussion with New Japan about talent that haven’t been exposed a whole lot here in the US…

Jeff also talks about the excitement of being apart of GFW, the traditional route of promoting wrestling vs promotion with new forms of technology and more. Also
The show also had indy wrestler Erik Emanon from OSPW- Old School Pro Wrestling on.

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