Cal Bishop

Jul 14, 2015 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Cal Bishop

Real name: Clayton Jack
Height: 6’6
Weight: 240 lbs.
Date of birth: ???
Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Pro debut: 2013
Trained by: Gerry Brisco
Finishing move: ???


– In early 2014, Jack signed a WWE development deal and reported to NXT as ‘Cal Bishop’
– During his NXT tenure, Jack suffered 3 dislocations on the same shoulder
– Bishop was released from NXT in October 2015. Following his release, he took some time away from wrestling, but would return to the indies in 2017 as ‘Kal Jak’
– On September 29, 2017, Kal Jak defeated Chico Lopez, Bison Braddock & Zack Reeb to win the PCW Inter-California Title
– On December 16, Kal Jak defeated Billy Hardisty to retain the PCW Inter-California Title, but immediately lost it to JJ King
– On October 27, 2018, Kal Jak defeated El Chupacabra & Anton Voorhees to win the EBPW Title
– On November 10, Kal Jak defeated Funny Bone to retain the EBPW Title
– On January 12, 2019, Kal Jak defeated Merrick Shoop to retain the EBPW Title
– On January 26, Kal Jak fought Sir Samurai to a double countout to retain the EBPW Title
– On February 23, Kal Jak defeated Sir Samurai to retain the EBPW Title
– On March 10, Kal Jak defeated Shaun Sims to retain the EBPW Title

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