Piper addresses the Austin/podcast controversy

Jul 13, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

In his latest podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper told his
version of the story about his “altercation” with Steve Austin that
eventually led to his departure from the PodcastOne family. The backstory
involves actor Will Sasso, who was on Piper’s show, doing impersonation of
Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin apparently didn’t like what was said and
complained to PodcastOne who in return took down not only that particular
podcast, but all of Piper’s archives. Piper said that he didn’t want to
offend anyone and the impersonation was not meant in that way, adding that
there “was a lot of love in it.” Rowdy said that when he spoke to the
PodcastOne chief, he was told that he could not talk about Steve Austin
anymore on his shows and since this was one form of censorship, he decided
he didn’t want to partner up with PodcastOne anymore. “I didn’t mean to
offend you in any way, and I still don’t see it,” Roddy said in words
directed at fellow Hall of Famer Steve Austin. He apologized if he got
offended and said that he still has all the respect in the world for him
for all he did in the business. Austin in his podcast said that Piper lied
and it was him who wanted out of the PodcastOne deal and he did nothing to
kick Piper off. “I don’t want to deal with it anymore. Okay? So I’m done
with it, I didn’t lie about anything, and my heart is in the right place
in my life,” Piper concluded. Piper addressed all this during the
beginning of his new podcast which is now hosted on Soundcloud.com. Lanny
Poffo is his guest for this week.

(Thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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