Brie Bella on Having Baby Fever, NXT Divas, Eva Marie Getting Heat, Her Legacy, More

Jul 13, 2015 - by Staff

– Brie Bella recently spoke with Digital Spy in the UK to promote the return of WWE Total Divas. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

At the end of season three it looked like you and Nikki might not re-sign with the company – what changed your minds?

“That’s what’s actually great about this season. You’ll get to see the reasons why Nikki and I do go back and forth on re-signing. I’m gonna be 32, I’m married to this amazing man and I have crazy baby fever. I so badly want to become a mother. The hard part in my career is I that can’t do both. With Nikki too, I think people sometimes don’t realize how much we’re on the road. There’s no time off, there’s no vacations and you miss your family.”

“You start looking at all the wedding pictures and family reunions and you start realizing you’re not a part of those pictures. I think you start craving the simple life. But then you sometimes realize you’re not ready for it yet – but you’ll see that this season.”

The NXT girls have had some great attention – Triple H has been very high on them and they get lots of time on the shows – what’s the relationship like with the main roster women?

“I think everyone on the main roster for the Divas would love that [more time]. Why wouldn’t you? Gosh, that’s why we’re all here, we love to wrestle. If we were able to get 20 minutes on a show that would just be a miracle. If you got to our live events you’ll see it – we get matches that long. I have to say Triple H has done such a great job down there with NXT. I hope all the NXT people realize how lucky they are. When I came into developmental we actually started off in a batting cage. There was only two rings, then we moved to a canned food building. Television didn’t exist yet with FCW [Florida Championship Wrestling], we had nothing like the Performance Center. I can only imagine starting in that.

“I can see why those girls haven’t been brought up yet because they’re running their own live events down there, they have their own shows that they’re doing very well. Because NXT’s doing so well it’s hard to bring the talent up so quickly because they have their own stories going, their own characters. There’s a lot of respect between both brands and both rosters. WWE in the end is one big family. We’re all under the same umbrella and we root for each other. At the same time, I see them more than I see my family, so you feel close to them and feel like they are family.”

In a teaser for season four of Total Divas Eva Marie gets a bit of heat for not using the amazing Performance Center and instead training with Brian Kendrick in LA – what do you think about that?

“That’s why everyone got angry. For the E! audience it’ll be a little difficult for them to understand, but the WWE audience will completely understand. When our company built something so beautiful, so immaculate and you don’t want to train there with girls who are incredible in the ring, it makes no sense. It’s like, wait a second, you’d be more than blessed to be down there and you say no? It sounds crazy. It’s like someone giving you a million dollars and going, ‘No, you can keep it, that’s okay.’ What it is too is you have your girls up on the main roster who are on the road about 300 days a year, because we do a lot of filming on off-days with Total Divas – we’re barely making it home, we’re exhausted.

“You see someone like that who just wants to be in LA so she can sleep in her bed every night, enjoy her husband and we’re all looking at her like, we would have loved that too! But when you have a passion for this business you’re willing to sacrifice everything – and that’s what we all did. When you see someone else who won’t sacrifice anything, claws start coming out, things are going to be said. But I guess that’s why Total Divas is a great show to tune into, because none of us Divas hold back. We all have very strong personalities, we have very big opinions, and you’re going to see that this season.”

What would you like your and Nikki’s legacy to be in the WWE?

“It would be that we broke down every barrier that was made about us. My sister and I came in the business and people didn’t think we belonged in the business. We heard it over and over, week by week. We still actually hear it. And that never took us down. We were like, we don’t care. We’re going to get better. We love this too much for anyone to take it away. We proved ourselves. The difference from my sister and I compared to any other Diva is we proved ourselves in front of the audience.

“Everyone saw us improve, everyone saw our heart and our passion, month by month, year by year us getting better. No regrets. Every day we wake up with no regrets and I hope when we leave people are like, ‘I can do it because those girls never gave up and I can do the same.’ I hope I give hope to girls who watch Total Divas and are like, ‘Dude, wrestling’s cool’. Turn on the TV and say, ‘This is amazing’ and at 22 years old they’re like, ‘You know what, I wanna be a Diva’. I hope I give hope and inspiration not only to young women but older women who don’t know what they want and find something great.”

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