7/11 GFW house show results from Lake Country, OH

Jul 12, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit 411 reader Chase M.:

So a stadium worker told me they had 600 people when you see the pictures I will send it will be a lie because there had to be 200-300 people max there. 14 sections were blocked off and majority of the lower bowl was barely filled. I paid 10 dollars for General admission which got you up in the party deck and maybe 75 people were up there total but even that might be a long shot. The gates opened up at 6:30 and they had a meet and greet at 5:30. I am not sure what the meet and greet really got you maybe you could meet Jarrett and Steiner before hand and such or got to meet all the wrestlers including Eric Young but most of them were out before hand.

The nicest wrestlers were the Bullet Club guys Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. Doc especially he took time out to talk to me and my son. I told him I was a big Jesse and Festus fan and he had a Festus 8×10 and signed it for me so to me that was pretty sweet. We talked through out the whole night he was very interactive which was great to see. They had advertised Chuck Taylor vs Johnny Gargano but both said they had changed the match at the last minute and weren’t too happy per-se.

Also the rumors are true Chuck Taylor is retiring. Scott Steiner was out pre event signing and talking with fans, seemed like a nice guy when I talked to him.

The event started right at 7:30 We were greeted by a guy in a pink shirt and Scott D’Amore was attendance as well sitting ring side for a few matches. They had a host per se and a ring announcer talking up the merchandise for GFW and such, and fan interacting. Other interesting notes, they come through the crowd down the steps to the ring instead of out of the dugout and originally some of the matches they advertised were totally different

First Match was Jon Bolen Vs Jamin Olivencia. Bolen played the face and won over crowd and won in what seemed at around 5 minutes. Jamin will be at the tv tapings, I talked to Bolen after the event on my way out as he was in the parking lot. We talked about his days in OVW. I asked him if he was going to be at the GFW TV Tapings, he said that he had no clue but was hoping too. Right now he is wrestling all over the place. My guess was that this was a tryout match for him tonight .

Second Match was Chuck Taylor VS Sonjay Dutt. This was pretty much a comedy match. Chuck Taylor said he was for sure retiring soon. These two worked well together and Chuck helped Sonjay get over. Lots of high flying action and crowd interaction. Dutt gets the win in this one. Dutt is also a road agent as well for GFW.

They end up then having a segment with Eric Young coming out and talking about TNA and Jarrett winning KOTM. Karen Jarrett comes out to talk to him, Eric Young is about to attack her, and Scott D’Amore comes out and makes save books match with him in main event vs Johnny Gargano

Third Match was Sumie Sakai vs Allysin Kaye. Both were pretty much faces till Sumie supposedly bit Allysin. I am curious to see what GFW does with women’s division. Kaye gets the win, decent women’s match.

They then hype up merchandise some more and for 200 dollars you can get a Jeff Jarrett guitar, and get to go in back to the Locker Room and get it signed by him. Also at intermission they said that you could get a meet and greet and autograph picture with Karen Jarrett for 10 dollars usually a 20 dollar value. They then led this in the next event which was

Kongo Kong Vs Magnus. Kongo usually wrestles in JCW, Magnus was very over and seemed to be the main draw for the night. He dominated in most of the match and ended up getting the victory after his finishing move. They then told us we have a 20 minute intermission

Most of the wrestlers who wrestled already were out and the Bullet Club were also in Atrium.

Doc Gallows said they would not be at the first taping as they will be in Japan. But he believes they will be at 2nd taping. I asked him about WWE if there was talks about him going back. He said maybe one day if money is right but he is really happy with what he is doing and has free reign. Magnus was also on atrium and signed stuff for free, He seemed like a nice guy and wished him luck in GFW.

Match after intermission was Bullet Club of Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows in his facepaint vs Watanbe and Sanada. This was the most popular match of the night because I think everyone either came for them or Johnny Gargano. Watanbe and Sanada controlled a lot of the match, then Anderson and Gallows got hot and tore the house down and got the crowd excited as they had announced half price beer till 9:30. Bullet Club does their awesome finishing move for the win.

Special Guest is Scott Steiner, he comes out and talks about his time in Cleveland wrestling and that he roots for the Cavs and talks about how great Cleveland fans are, Eric Young interrupts him and Steiner is restrained for the main event.

Eric Young vs. Johnny Gargano. Young Gets announced, Johnny Gargano comes out and crowd goes crazy for hometown boy. Young controls a lot of the match, Johnny was the main one hitting his high spots though. Young knocks Gargano out of the ring and here comes Steiner and Jeff Jarrett. They give Gargano a pep talk and end up helping him get the win from Young after Gargano hits his finishing move.

Post Match Steiner and Jarrett come in to congratulate him. They then announce for 20 dollars you can get your picture in ring with Steiner and Jarrett.

Only Wrestlers on Atrium were Gallows and Gargano, Gallows was great and thanked us for coming out and said he looked forward to coming back to Ohio again and appreciated us coming out.

Overall the wrestling was ok. It seemed there was a lot of people who had no idea who half the wrestlers were. Your biggest name besides the Bullet Club to wrestle were Gargano and Magnus. With a small card of 6 matches it was hard to get super excited. I honestly think GFW has a ways to go, and wonder whats going to happen with tv contract and stuff. The ring was not dressed up at all just had their colors and that’s it no GFW anywhere on ring. I am wondering what morale was for the wrestlers with the small crowds. Security was very interesting with 2 big dudes and one who looked like Kurt Angle. To be honest their roster has who has appeared for them but I don’t think they have a full blown roster yet because from what the Young Bucks told me they are not doing GFW and it was a one time thing so the tv tapings on the 24th will say it all. It also was one of the quietest wrestling events I have ever been too. I understand grass roots and stuff but I think baseball stadiums kill it for you, I am sure you can do it at small expo halls or something. Overall the wrestlers I think tried but I was spoiled by AIW Absolution the night before so maybe I was expecting more but the wrestlers were appreciative about everyone coming out.

I would give it a 5 out of 10, especially since they were going off no production value and a small card but decent wrestlers in the Indy Scene and the chance to see a new promotion at work.

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