6/12 WWE NXT house show results from Cleveland, OH

Jun 13, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


Credit: PWInsider

William Regal comes out to start the show with a 10 bell salute to Dusty Rhodes.

Enzo and Big Cass beat the Vaudevillians. Lots of comedy in the match including some tag team chicken wrestling. Enzo won match with top rope splash.

Bull Dempsey beat Jason Jordan. Attempts at comedy failed. This match was slow with Jordan winning most of the time. Jordan did drop the straps and pull off an impressive belly to belly suplex. Crowd gave him a loud “You’re not Angle” chant.

Baron Corbin beat Rhyno with a sidewalk slam. Crowd was all over Corbin with “boring” and “Corbin Sucks”to the New Day beat. Post match Corbin jumped Rhyno and ate a gore for his troubles. Loud ECW chant for Rhyno.

Bayley came out to the pop of the night so far for a Divas tag match. Next out was Dana Brooks and Emma. Emma grabbed the mic and tore down Cleveland (Dana’s hometown) and made fun of Bayley for not having a partner. Out came Carmella in a Bayley t-shirt. Bayley was worked over most of the match before finally making the hot tag to Carmella who cleaned house and eventually won by submission with headscissors.


Blake and Murphy beat Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley with Murphy’s Law/frog splash combo to retain Tag Team Title. Missed most of the match due to long concession lines.

Sasha Banks submitted Charlotte with the Bank Statement crossface to retain Women’s Title. No surprise this match was fabulous! Some highlights include Charlotte dropping Sasha with the bionic elbow, and at one point she had Sasha in the figure four. When Sasha finally reached the ropes Charlotte slid under the bottom rope without letting go of the hold. Awesome work from them both, and a standing”This is awesome” chant post match.

Kevin Owens won fatale four way title match over Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and Tyler Breeze with the pop up powerbomb on Breeze. Beyond phenomenal main event! First half of the show was treated like a tag match with Owens and Breeze double teaming Joe and Finn until Breeze couldn’t suplex Joe and needed Owens help. Owens dropped a five knuckle shuffle on Finn followed by an AA on Breeze. This got a ton of Cena Sucks and Better than Cena chants. Everyone hit their finishers at the end but Owens was last and able to retain.

Post match saw the first Finn and Joe stare down. Everyone stood in anticipation, and Joe too sweeted Finn to a monster pop. Fantastic night!

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