6/6 WWE house show results from Baton Rouge, LA

Jun 7, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


Credit: ProWrestling.net

JoJo sang the national anthem. There was a Triple H video that played. The sound and the video were off, which got a laugh out of the crowd.

1. Jimmy Uso defeated Bo Dallas. Bo Dallas got the boos, especially after putting down the city.

2. Fandango beat Adam Rose.

3. Jack Swagger beat The Miz. Before the match, Miz was taking his garb off and knocked his sun glasses to the ground. Everyone in the corner started laughing and he figured out why. He turned to Jojo at ringside asking where his glasses went and then asked her to get them. Miz did get the crowd on his bad side by saying how great it was to be in Alabama and by talking about all the good stuff Nick Saban does. He put down LSU after that. As for the match, Miz tapped out to a leg hold. Miz denied tapping out and called out anyone but Swagger.

4. Macho Mandow over The Miz. Mandow came out and quickly put Figure Four on for win.

5. Nikki Bella defeated Naomi and Paige in a Triple Threat to retain the Divas Championship. Better match then I was expecting. Paige seemed to get the biggest cheers.

6. John Cena over King Barrett to retain the U.S. Championship. Cena got huge cheers on way in. He gave a good quick talk about how proud he was to have the U.S. belt and be an American on D-Day. He thanked all the people who gave their lives. That was really good. Typical Cena match.

7. New Day defeated The Ascension and The Prime Time Players in an elimination match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Before match, Kofi went off on LSU by saying the school hasn’t won anything since 2008 and added that the New Orleans Saints will never win another Super Bowl. Of course, this got a lot of boos. The Ascension were eliminated first. After PTP lost, they threw Big E and Kofi out the ring and went to town.

8. Ryback beat Bray Wyatt to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Wyatt went for Sister Abigail, but Ryback avoided it and hit his finisher to win. Ryback got great cheers throughout. He still looks excited to have an individual title finally.

9. Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins in a non-title cage match. Orton pinned Rollins. Good match and Orton got a lot of love from the crowd.

The crowd size was good. The floor was packed. The first part of stands was very full. The upper stands were maybe 30 percent filled. With Raw and Smackdown coming up in the area, that probably impacted crowd. It wasn’t bad since LSU had super regional today. There was a bad traffic situation after when LSU traffic and WWE traffic ran into each other. Bad timing there. I brought my ten-year old son. It was a last second decision and we still got third row seats.

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