6/4/15 WWE Smackdown Review

Jun 5, 2015 - by staff

Smackdown b&w

Chris Soriano’s WWE SmackDown Report

Segment 1-
The Money In the Bank briefcase is raised to start the show. Jerry Lawler and Tom Phillips are your announce team for the broadcast.

Seth Rollins comes to the ring alone and cuts a promo. A very good promo I might add, one of his best. He talks about how The Shield broke up exactly one year ago. Dean Ambrose interrupts on the big screen for a quick promo about their Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Money In the Bank. Crowd goes crazy when Dean comes on the screen

Match 1- The Prime Time Players def The Ascension & The Lucha Dragons
Titus O’Neil pins Viktor of the Ascension to get the win. The tag team division in WWE is overall weak. Losing Tyson Kidd and Cesaro as a team will hurt. The New Day are backstage with a promo on The Prime Time Players. Kane interrupts and announces Kofi Kingston vs. Neville for tonight.Say what you want, but the new Day are AWESOME heels.

Match 2- Ryback def Stardust
THE BIG GUY! The IC Champ gets the win over a man who may be wrestling a movie star at SummerSlam.

Segment 2-
Renee Young interviews Paige in the ring. Paige cut a great promo about WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella and how “twin magic” is coming to an end. When Paige talks, I think every guy listens. She also talked about being different than the other Divas (She is because she’s not spray tanned or over diva-ish)

Segment 3-
Erick Rowan and Luke Harper cut a backstage promo about being family. Where is Bray Wyatt. SOS? I’m lost.

Match 3- NXT Title Open Challenge- Kevin Owens def Zack Ryder

Owens cuts a promo, challenging anyone and out comes Zack Ryder to accept the challenge. Owens retains and attacks Ryder after the match, hitting another pop-up powerbomb. When Ryder’s music hits I lose brain cells. Please, send him out of here or at least give him a new gimmick.

Match 4- Neville def Kofi Kingston

Pretty good match against two great athletes and good wrestlers. I think Neville is doing fine since being called up to the main roster. Kofi? He had to be repackaged. We have been calling for the Hell turn for years. He is doing great in the New Day.

Segment 4-
Lana is on Miz TV. Rusev comes out and interrupts, but Dolph Ziggler cuts him off. They have words and Ziggler leaves with Lana. Lana had her own titantron so it looks like WWE is serious about pushing her. Not, get her in tights and let’s see her wrestle. LANA, LANA, LANA!!

Match 5- Main Event- Sheamus vs Roman Reigns ends in no contest
Another Vince Russo special. Kane comes out with J&J Security and kicks Reigns in the face, then a chokeslam to Sheamus. Kane announces he will be in the Money In the Bank contract match and chokeslams Reigns. Rollins joins in but Ambrose makes the save. The three former stablemates fight over the WWE World Heavyweight Title, then Reigns hits a Superman punch on Rollins and Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds to end the show.

Soriano Rapid Reaction: I have a HUGE problem with Kane being put in the match at MITB. No Bray Wyatt? No one more deserving? An NXT guy maybe? How many more years are we going to see Big Show and Kane shoved down our throats. It is unreal. If I’m Wyatt, I’m going to creative saying WTF am I just chopped liver. They build him up for months and then they bury him in a match and then you never see him for weeks. Very odd and horrible booking

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