Big Vito seeking others former superstars to join his lawsuit against WWE

May 20, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Former ECW, WCW, and WWE superstar Big Vito Lo Grasso posted on Facebook:

ATTENTION TO ALL FORMER WWF, ECW, WCW, WWE WRESTLERS. I know all have there view points on this lawsuit. But, if you never stick up for your self, you never know what can be and what cant.If you were in DEEP SOUTH and OVW as a developmental talent, you also have rights. If you have problems and think you need help, Please join the lawsuit I am in litigation in. If you have medical records, you are positively ahead of the game. IF YOU WERE A ENHANCEMENT TALENT IN THE WWF, you also qualify. If you think you are irritating the WWE and think if you join, you will ruin your chances, the bussiness has changed guys, if they have not called you in 5 years, they are not calling you. This is a chance for benefits , the same as in the NFL lawsuit. No one knew, but a Billion dollars divided up for the guys who put there time in and have some issues, now have relief. I am standing up for myself, and all of you. I was never a follower always a leader. So follow me guys and join. I hope the internet guys post this to there sites, TMZ . The WWE will definitely see this and to know that I will be going on TV soon in a tell all, is just proof that you gotta believe in you and the sacrafices you made in life. As you know, you had to be tuff, never say your hurt, if you were , you lost your spot. There are some good people and some WWE HOFers involved and signed on as well. I hope this post makes it back to the right people. I will be heard and know one thing, I dont bullshit and I speak the truth, when the truth comes out, it isnt a very nice place. Here is the name of the lawyer, his name is Bill Kyros , his number is 1 617 833 3727. Call him and tell him I sent you. Good luck guys and join the fight for rights you deserve. This is a brotherhood that we all seem to have forgotten about.

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