5/16 WWE hosue show results from Newark, DE

May 17, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: Wrestlingobserver.com

Barrett v Neville- very good match . Crowd was hating Barrett. Neville won with the red arrow.

Lucha Dragons beat Los Matadores in a good tag team match. Matadores worked a slow heel turn the whole match and bullied the bull entire time.

R-truth beat stardust in a good back and forth until truth hit him with his finisher for the pin. Crowd loved truths gimmick.

Ryback def bray Wyatt with the shell shock after reversing out of the sister Abigail. Worked a good match, crowd kinda liked Ryback.

Emma def alicia then Alicia went nuts and yelled at the crowd for a while. Natalya came out and kicked her ass.

Sheamus def Ziggler with brogue kick in a very good back and forth. Ziggler kicked out at 3 but Charles Robinson called for the bell. Sheamus left looking angry at the finish very quickly.

Main event street fight reigns def Kane in a good match. Finish was roman spearing Kane thru a table for the pin. Crowd loved Reigns, big pop for the win

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