5/14/15 WWE Smackdown Recap

May 15, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

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Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns stood face-to-face

EVANSVILLE, In. — On the final SmackDown before WWE Payback, The Big Dog and The Cooperate Demon waged war in an anything goes showdown, The Lunatic Fringe went head-to-head with Sheamus and The Human Wrecking Ball battled the WWE World Heavyweight Champion — moments after suffering a sneak attack from Bray Wyatt.

Poised for a huge Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE Payback, Dean Ambrose’s response about hitting his “brother” Roman Reigns with Dirty Deeds on Raw was cut short by The Big Dog himself. With only intensity separating them, the two Superstars clearly shared a mutual understanding that Sunday’s pay-per-view showdown on WWE Network will be every man for himself.Before they could shake hands, though, Kane interrupted. Ready to take on Roman Reigns later in SmackDown’s main event — in a match where there must be a winner — the Director of Operations informed Dean Ambrose that he would also compete against Sheamus right then and there.

Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus

Ready for two huge matches at WWE Payback, Dean Ambrose and Sheamus engaged in an impromptu contest that left WWE Universe chatting simply, “This is awesome!” And in the height of the action, when the ruthless Celtic Warrior looked ready to slam his opponent from up on the ropes to the ringside floor below, The Lunatic Fringe escaped. And he seized the opportunity to drop the Irish Superstar’s head onto the turnbuckle and roll him up for the quick three-count.

Lana apologized, while Rusev prepared for United States Payback

After The Ravishing Russian Lana read a seemingly prepared statement of apology for going against Rusev and her country on Raw, The Russian Tank taunted his WWE Payback opponent John Cena with a little piece of propaganda: doctored video of The Champ saying “I quit!”

Submissions continued to come in for WWE Tough Enough

An incredibly diverse group of hopefuls explained why they are Tough Enough.

Prior to his match against Ryback, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins took issue with Kane standing by as his WWE Payback opponents Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton picked him apart on Raw. Despite all that, he promised that he would emerge victorious in the World Title Fatal 4-Way Match this Sunday!

Before Ryback could even get to the ring to face the outspoken titleholder, Bray Wyatt attacked him from out-of-nowhere. Nevertheless, the resilient Big Guy opted to compete anyway.

Despite a heroic performance, however, the damage had already been done. And with a little extra help from J&J Security, the “Future of WWE” finally reigned supreme with a big boot.

Three days before The New Day’s 2-out-of-3 Falls Match against Cesaro & Tyson Kidd for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WWE Payback, Kofi Kingston went one-on-one with the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon on SmackDown. Kidd prevailed in the matchup by making Kingston tap-out to the Sharpshooter.

The question of which members of The New Day Cesaro & Kidd will face this Sunday still remains unanswered, though.

Neville def. Bo Dallas

As Bo Dallas walked to the ring to face Neville, he expressed his desire to fill the void left by Daniel Bryan and insulted WWE’s “Yes!” Man in the process.

But with King Barrett joining the SmackDown commentators, Dallas ultimately proved no match for the earth-shattering Red Arrow of “The Man That Gravity Forgot.” Moments after the bell, King Barrett promised “corporal punishment” for Neville at WWE Payback in the form of a royal Bull Hammer.

Roman Reigns def. Kane in a match where there had to be a winner

After Spearing Kane on Raw, Roman Reigns took on the Corporate Demon in an anything goes showdown where there had to be a winner — a contest that could only be decided by pinfall or submission.

In a match that utilized everything from steel steps and Kendo sticks to everything insight, The Big Dog roared back from a chokeslam through the table to defeat Kane with a Superman Punch and a Spear through the table!

WWE SmackDown recap for 5/14/15
Opening Segment:

The show begins with Dean Ambrose coming out and talking about what happened on Monday night and says he has one thing to say to Roman Reigns and waits for Reigns to enter the arena. Reigns says, he is aware of what Ambrose would do and wonders whether they can be brothers. Pretty decent promo between the two. Kane cuts them off saying they should be more worried about the Payback main event and the other two superstars in the match. Ambrose cuts Kane off and the two exchange words. Kane then goes on to announce that Ambrose would face Sheamus now.

Match 1- Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose defeats Sheamus after sending Sheamus to the ringpost and rolling up to pick up the win. Quick litle match to start off the show.

Winner- Dean Ambrose

Segment 2-

Rusev and Lana enter the arena, where Rusev gets furious with the fans and tells them to shut up. Meanwhile Lana reads an apology letter for doing the Fandango dance asking for forgiveness. You can see that they are planning a Lana face turn. Rusev guarantees victory and says that Cena is weak and not the man he used to be. He then plays a video of Cena saying “I Quit” on a loop.

Match 2- Seth Rollins (with J&J Security) vs Ryback

Bray Wyatt interferes and tackles Ryback during his entrance. Wyatt laughs as it goes to commercial break. Coming out off the break, we see Ryback continuing the match against Rollins. Seeing Ryback having the upper hand (I guess Wyatt did nothing with the attack), Joey Mercury interferes and sensing the opportunity Rollins knees Ryback to the head, superkicks him and goes for the cover to pick up the win. The Bray Wyatt interference before the match was meaningless and a waste, much like how they are writing up this feud.

Segment Number 3- Naomi starts screaming at Renee Young. Naomi says she’s tired of being overlooked and has been in WWE for years with nothing to show. She describes herself as a good girl gone bad to get things done and says Tamina and herself are doing what every other diva should. She also described Nikki Bella as a joke and said Brie is a quitter just like her husband, Daniel Bryan. OUCH.

Match 3- Tyson Kidd (with Cesaro and Natalya) vs Kofi Kingston (with New Day)

Kofi has the upperhand on Kidd early on with an aggressive attack. Kidd recovers and applies the sharpshooter forcing Kofi to tap out picking up the win.

Match 4- Bo Dallas vs Neville

Bo cuts a promo about Bryan leaving the WWE. (The whole BoLieve stuff has worn out with me and you can see that the crowd thinks he is stale). The match starts and Neville has the upper hand most of the time and he hits Bo with an enziguiri to pick up a win. (Can I aks why he is just Neville and not Adrian Neville. It bothers me. Anyway, carry on)After the match Bad News Barrett stands on the announce table and says Neville is no match for him. He also proceeds to make fun of Neville’s costume while putting on a king-like garb himself. He also asks fans to stand up and say “All Hail King Barrett”. (Wait, does he mean Hail King Book….oh never mind)

Segment Number 4- Rosa Mendes and Adam Rose are shown backstage. The segment has Rosa Mendes in it. Clearly the best segment of the night.

Match Number 5 (Main Event)- Kane vs. Roman Reigns

Where is my Michael Buffer voice. It’s Main event time. Llllllllets get ready to Rumble!!!! Let me just say that I’m assuming Kane wears these elbow pads under his suit. Looking like a wallstreet banker ready to fight after his stock crashed. Kane attacks Reigns before the bell is rung and drives him to the steps. Reigns counter attacks and hits him with a Superman Punch and then spears him making the cover to pick up the win.

Backstage Renee Young catches up with Seth Rollins and asks him about the evening’s proceedings. Seth appears confident and goes on to proclaim it would take a lot more to beat him. Just then Dean Ambrose appears and gets into an altercation with Rollins. Reigns proceeds to join him and they gang up on the champ. Reigns proceeds to shake hands with Ambrose but gets tricked as Ambrose picks up the title on Reigns shoulder and walks away saying Reigns need not worry, for he will take the title back for good this Sunday.

Overall a nice show. Although for the go home show you would like to see Randy Orton or Cena appear. Just proving the point that Smackdown is perceived as the B show by management.

Ambrose heel turn? Put money on it. I would. But then again I’m not a betting man, maybe you shouldn’t take my advice

Enjoy Payback!

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