WWE NXT TV Recap – 5/6/15

May 11, 2015 - by Atlee Greene

Credit: Emerson Witner via WrestlingObserver.com


– WWE NXT TV Recap – 5/6/15


Finn Balor defeated Tye Dillinger

Finn Balor is the former #1 Contender to the NXT Championship, while Dillinger is the former on-again, off-again partner of Jason Jordan. This break up, though, seems to have stuck. This was a fine opener. Dillinger didn’t show much, not that he should have, but this was an exhibition to show off Finn. Balor won with his key moves, finishing off Tye with the Diving Double Foot Stomp.

– After the match, Tyler Breeze cut a selfie promo on the big screen, challenging Balor to a future match.

– Devin Taylor interviewed Dana Brooke. Brooke, who last week showed herself to be the second worst Diva in NXT history (Eva Marie was the first) said that she is taking over and is re-starting the Woman’s Division.

– After a quick commercial, Devin then interviewed Kevin Owens. Owens said that he respects Alex Riley’s toughness, but after tonight Riley needs to go back to being a commentator.

In a #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match, Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte and Bayley

This was a little bit of an upset, as I don’t think anyone expected Becky to pick up the win. The match revolved around further attacks on Bayley’s once-injured knee. Becky put on a wacky submission move that she applied quite smoothly. Charlotte at one point Power Bombed Becky off the middle ropes and as she was completing the move, Bayley came off the top with a European Uppercut.

The finish saw Charlotte slap the Figure Eight on Bayley (when she bridges up on the Figure Four) and Becky crawled across the ring and put one arm over Bayley for a pinfall.

Now the problem with that finish is shouldn’t Charlotte have gotten credit for the pinfall as well? Way back when when Ric Flair beat Randy Savage for the WWF Title, it was in a similar finish where Savage passed out in a Figure Four Leg Lock and the referee counted three.

Hideo Itami defeated CJ Parker

The CJ Parker Retirement Tour continues here on Earth Day as NXT’s resident hippy got to do one more job, this time to Hideo. In spite of that, Parker got a good amount of offense for the second straight week and again looked better than he had in almost a year. Seriously if this CJ Parker was wrestling for the past few months I would be much sadder about him leaving.

Rhyno destroyed A Local Competitor

Rhyno’s opponent got no name and no offense. Rhyno hit a belly to belly overhead suplex and a Gore for the win. I wonder if they are setting him up to face Baron Corbin maybe?

-An annoying segment happened where Carmella was standing backstage texting someone when Blake & Murphy walked in, singing to the young lass. This caused Enzo and Big Cass to walk in and the champs bailed. At this point, Enzo, Colin and Carmella began shouting all over each other, complaining about the jewelry that Blake & Murphy gave Carmella. This is the first time I have ever been annoyed by Enzo.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens defeated Alex Riley

These two sports entertained back in March at the Columbus show when Owens basically squashed Riley in 5 minutes. This match went slightly longer and Riley got slightly more offense, but that’s about it. Owens was killing time outside the ring when Riley followed him out and, after a brief scuffle, the champion slammed A-Ry head-first on the ramp.

Back in the ring Riley got a brief, yet explosive, comeback, but Owens picked up the win with his Corner Senton and his Pop Up Power Bomb, which looked more like a Pop Up Spine Buster.

After the match, Owens set Riley up for the Power Bomb into the ring apron when Sami Zayn ran down for the save. The fans went mild as referees and other wrestlers ran down to hold them apart. Do you remember an incident in ECW where a bunch of wrestlers were brawling in the entrance way and Kid Kash did a running flip dive out of the ring and onto the pile? Well that is kinda what happened here. Zayn did a big flip dive onto the giant pile of people, which looked great.

Owens finally retreated as the show went off the air. How will the champ reply to this? Find out next week and until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!

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