5/2 WWE house show results from Cocoa Beach, FL

May 3, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck


Credit: Andrew Twiss and Pwinsider.com

– Ring announcers for the evening are Greg Hamilton and Dasha.

– Mojo Rawley def. Chad Gable. Fun match. Mojo seemed pretty…ahem…hyped, to be back in the ring. Its the best I have seen of him as far as in ring work. He is using a running shoulder block as his finisher now. It may be kind of basic, but it’s an improvement over his previous finisher.

– Elias Samson def. Steve Cutler by DQ. Samson has a new gimmick as “The Drifter” where he comes out with a guitar and some new Johnny Cash inspired theme music. It might work. Match was pretty basic. DQ came when Kevin Owens came out and power bombed Cutler. He cut a quick promo saying he is the NXT champion and will remain so for as long as he wants.

– Solomon Crowe def. Mike Rallis. Rallis looks like a bigger version of Lucky Cannon. He’s pretty solid in the ring too. He’s someone to keep an eye on. Rallis dominated the match, but Crowe made the comeback for the win.

– Becky Lynch and Carmella def. Sasha Banks and Devin Taylor. Pretty fun match. Devin was working heel for the match. She’s not bad in the ring, but you can tell she is still pretty green. I’m happy she is getting a shot at more ring time. The rest of the girls were fine and Sasha especially was coming across well.


– Bayley def. Alexa Bliss. Solid match, but a little weird. It was technically pretty fine, but the lack of a real Face/Heel dynamic hurt it a little bit. Bayley was solid as usual, but Bliss actually looked more comfortable than ever working as a singles wrestler.

– Baron Corbin def. Colin Cassady. Really fun match, especially between two really big guys. No Enzo with Cass. Baron hitting the End of Days on Colin looks pretty darn impressive.

– The Vaudevillains came out for a promo saying thanking the WWE Universe for supporting them and that it is truly special to them. Aiden English said that after Blame and Murphy fight Enzo and Cass, there will be new #1 contenders and they will be MANLY. Real white meat bayface stuff and the crowd loved it. It was especially fun when Aiden pointed out that Gotch has been doing a twitter q and a for 3 weeks and showing no signs of stopping.

– Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder def. Bull Dempsey and Tucker Knight. Tucker Knight literally looks like a bigger version of Bull Dempsey, which is quite the feat. Dawson and Wilder are so, so good and so vastly underutilized on TV. They make every match better that I have ever seen them in. I hope they get a real good push on tv in the coming months.

– Finn Balor def. Tyler Breeze. Good match and a fun main event. Highlight of the match was Finn taking Tyler’s phone and calling Tyler’s mom during the match. Otherwise, it was solid work by both guys.

– It was a solid and fun show. While it lacked a blow away match or a surprise like the Billy Gunn appearance from the night before, it was an enjoyable night of wrestling. It was nice to see some different people get extended ring time in front of the live crowd.

– Meet and Greet before the show was Sasha Banks, Dash Wilder, and Scott Dawson.
– Show was not sold out, but still surprsingly full, given that it was the same night as the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.
– No return date was announced.

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