Hart family member: “Booker T you should be ashamed of yourself”

Apr 30, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Booker T caused controversy when he utterered the comment “Owen Hart didn’t defy gravity like Neville” on Raw earlier this week. Owen’s brother Bruce Hart posted…

“At least Booker T has publically apologized for his remarks about my brother Owen and at least WWE saw fit to edit his comments out of all RAW replays, however myself and other members of the Hart family were offended by Booker Ts ill chosen comments. As Owens brother Booker I found no humour and was deeply offended and disappointed by the remarks on RAW and don’t know why you be that insensitive and indescreet. Frankly Booker T you should be ashamed of yourself. By the way Neville is not half the worker Owen was. I rest my case”

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