GRP #99: TNA hires Billy Corgan, Booker T’s comments, Goldberg returning, Extreme Rules, KOTR, and more

Apr 29, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

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GRP is Raw

In this edition of the Gerweck Report podcast, Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee discuss:

– Thoughts on Billy Corgan joining TNA’s creative team
– WWE brings back the King of The Ring
– Will winning the KOTR help Bad News Barrett?
– Is Barrett injury prone?
– Is Cena bringing prestigious to the United States title?
– Time to unify the U.S. and IC titles?
– The legacy of Verne Gagne
– Still no AWA shows on the WWE Network?
– Thoughts on WWE’s Extreme Rules
– WWE teasing a Lana turn?
– We are tried of Cena vs. Rusev
– Looking ahead to WWE’s Payback PPV
– readers didn’t like Extreme Rules
– Update on Daniel Bryan
– Dana White nixes Ronda Rousey competing in a WWE ring rumors
– Booker T apologies for the Owen Hart comment on Raw
– What Booker T SHOULD apologize for
– What is next for Goldberg?
– Who should face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania next year?
– NXT cools off
– Bischoff to work with Global Force Wrestling
– and more!

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