GRP #98: Austin-WWE friction, the curb stomp, Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan, Batista, Taz, and more

Apr 23, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

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In this edition of the Gerweck Report podcast, Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee discuss:

– The current friction between Steve Austin and WWE
– Stephanie McMahon to be a guest on Y2J’2 podcast
– Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling is now on the WWE Network
– The lack luster Extreme Rules PPV card
– The banned curb stomp?
– Another bad break for Daniel Bryan
– Three week build between WWE’s Extreme Rules and Payback PPV
– Likely main event for Payback
– Is Frank Dee trying out for Tough Enough?
– WWE bringing back Tough Enough for another season
– Batista asked about returning to WWE
– Tommy Gilbert filed a lawsuit against WWE
– Missy Hyatt arrested
– It only took wrestling websites 11 days to report TNA was also behind in payment to production staff
– Havok’s comments regarding the wrestling media
– Taz’s comments upon parting ways with TNA
– Amazing Red not interesting in returning to TNA
– WWE wanting to trim the hall of fame ceremony
– Eva Maria working hard to get better in the ring
– GERWECK.NET poll results
– Steve Austin as a color commentator?
– and more

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