Soon to be ex-wife of Al Snow vents about him on social media

Apr 13, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo credit: April Hunter

Photo credit: April Hunter

Al Snow and former WWF diva Bobcat (Cyndi Snow) are going through a divorce. She has taken to the internet to air her grievances.

She posted the following on Facebook:

I know everyone is looking out for me but the fact is im telling the truth so why hide it we live in a world of social media honesty that is Al Snows world …….I get it sometimes ….life s not so pretty so why only put the good stuff out therethis is my life my husband is lying cheating scum not just because of shebeast but he’s been lying and cheating the whole time and nooooo we never had a open relationship and yessss I did not know

And yes I get the rape and murder charge ,…she staged her own death but the rape charges were ? I don’t think you can

I’m sorry I’m venting …but 12uearsof my life has to mean something Say what you want I never ever cheated!!!

A good day to blast A Snow?no but for months he made me feel like shit about my self I asked him if there was another woman he told me know I was crazy ….I really started to think about my self what have I done how could I change my self I asked him to go to marriage counseling ….he told me know I did that with the first wife and they blamed me …I’m speaking up for 12 fucking years of my life I didn’t cheat I sat there and waited shame on me me I’m the fool ……but I’ll move on

I have to move out of the steroid kings house by May 1st please everyone tell him not to come until I move

Shallow Al #9 or 10 I loose count he’s been cheating on me since before we even got married he said it was a open relationship news flash to me I didn’t know and I thought she beast was the first ugg thanks to all the people that stepped up and let me know who he was and is

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