4/11 WWE house show results from Nottingham, UK

Apr 12, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Live

Credit: Callum Owen & Wrestlezone

We kicked off with Neville vs Finn Balor.

Neville got a huge pop and played the babyface role, whereas balor got a good welcoming reception but then played the heel, neville won with the red arrow, bad news barrett, then interrupted and announced that he was retiring and that the crowd should support Neville as he will become a wwe world heavyweight champion unlike any other Brits like barrett and they hugged only for Bnb to hit a bullhammer.

Cesaro and Kidd vs new day

Lots of new day sucks chants and Cesaro and Kidd played to the beat of new day sucks whilst double teaming on new day. Cesaro and Kidd win after hitting a Cesaro swing into a dropkick.

Woods vs R-truth

Woods called out anyone who is more positive than new day, R- truth came out, and got one half of the crowd to say what’s up and the other side to say new day sucks.

Woods controlled majority of match until Kingston and big e got sent backstage for interfering in the match. Truth won with his finisher.

Fandango vs Jimmy uso

Jimmy uso won with the uso splash.

Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan vs Bray Wyatt, Bad News Barrett and Sheamus

Good pop for wyatt and boos for Sheamus and barrett, Ziggler recieved a massive ovation, Rowan got an okay pop, but bryan received the reaction of the night, huge yes chants, various chants like “let’s go Ziggler” and many “yes” chants but Sheamus received a “you look stupid chant” which he replied a “no I don’t I look fantastic”.

Heels controlled most of match and worked on Rowan and Ziggler, until Ziggler got tag to bryan and he won with a yes lock onto barrett.

Divas six person tag match

Natalya, emma and Summer Rae vs Cameron, rosa and Alicia fox

Natalya won with the sharpshooter

Miz vs mizdow

Miz cut a promo on how he was bigger than everyone in nottinghamshire and how no one for nottinghamshire will ever star in a movie in Hollywood, mizdow interrupted and told miz to do everyone in Nottingham a favour and shut up.

Mizdow won with a skull crushing finale

Main event reigns vs show

Simply awesome reigns entered behind from where I was sitting, shame I didn’t have a photo with him as evidence, lots of we want tables chants one table was broken as reigns hit a ddt after reversing a chokeslam, reigns kicked out from a chokeslam and a KO punch, show missed a spear and crashed into the table and reigns won with a spear.

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